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UPDATE: We could do any day the week of February 26-March 2! I've updated the times available still below:
We'd like to set up some Skype/Google Hangout times with our students for the end of February. We are in Illinois, USA. We'd like to set these up for either Feb. 28 or Mar. 1 for the following times (CST):
Hr. 4- 10:40-11:28 am
Hr. 5- 12:26-1:14 pm
Hr. 6- 1:19-2:07 pm
Hr. 7- 2:12-3:00 pm
We can talk with different schools or classes for each on different days, so if one of these time slots works for you, let me know and we'll set it up! Our students will spend these two days working on the Slides for their chosen topic/global goal. Apart from that, they're also working to make a change in our community in regards to their topic either through raising awareness, donations, or volunteering. We should have a lot to talk about!


stefania Wed 24 Jan 2018 4:39PM

Oh yes sorry I've been looking at January and not Feb. So we have plenty of time I'll try to organize an afternoon lesson and then I'll let you know.Bye


Kayla Anderson Thu 1 Feb 2018 1:42PM

Hi Stefania,
I just wanted to check in again to see if there is a good afternoon that week to schedule a Skype session. We could do any day the week of Feb. 26 during any of our afternoon classes. Let me know which day/time works best! Thanks!


Daisy Paul Thu 25 Jan 2018 5:29PM

Hi Kayla My name is Daisy Paul from Mumbai India and my children are 15 to 16yrs
Old we can Skype anytime before 28th February becos we have final examination s beginning from 1st March 2018..my email I'D is [email protected]
Pl confirm if in February any other date suits you.Monday to Friday every day we have English lessons
Thank you!


Kayla Anderson Thu 25 Jan 2018 6:32PM

Hi, Daisy. Let me check with the other teachers about possible dates that would work earlier in February. Which class hours would work for you?


Kayla Anderson Thu 1 Feb 2018 1:38PM

Hi Daisy, We could do either Feb. 26 or 27 if that works for you. I have these times (CST-USA) available: Hr. 4- 10:40-11:28 am Hr. 5- 12:26-1:14 pm Hr. 6- 1:19-2:07 pm Hr. 7- 2:12-3:00 pm
Would any of those work for you? I'm thinking that our time difference may not work for these times available, but double check on that. Thanks!


rosa calvino Thu 1 Feb 2018 11:29AM

Dear Kayla, we would like to skype with you and your students on March 1st from 10:05 My students are aged between 18 and 19
my email : [email protected]


stefania Thu 1 Feb 2018 6:59PM

Hi Kayla, please remind me about your time zone because sorry but I can't find it. In Italy we have lessons from 8 am to 13 UTC+1 what time is it there where you live?bye


Kayla Anderson Thu 1 Feb 2018 7:06PM

Hi Stefania, We are near Chicago, USA, so UTC-6 I believe. I'm not sure our times will match up if you are finish at 1 pm. That would be 6 am our time, and our students don't begin school until 8 am.


stefania Thu 1 Feb 2018 7:15PM

Ok, I'll check with the students of they can stay at school in the afternoon I'll let you know tomorrow. ByeSteffy


Kristina Kihlman Sun 4 Feb 2018 8:09AM

Hi Kayla, my Swedish students would like to have a Skype (or Google hangout) with your students on Thursday March 1, at 08:00 am, if that is possible. My students are 17 years old.

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