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This is a place for everyone to introduce themselves to the group - share whatever you like about your background, affiliations, skills, passions, etc.


Richard D. Bartlett Tue 30 Jul 2013 6:16AM

Hi folks, my name's Rich, I'm one of the Loomio Co-op members. My work here sits across design, code development, customer support, and communications.

I'm an engineer, activist, and hacker with a passion for DIY hardware (e.g.), open-source software, disruptive technologies (cultural and digital), and digital rights.

I'm really excited about the opportunity of this conversation, which brings together some of the people and projects I most admire to work together on the critical question of how we can achieve the massive collaboration necessary to realise the potential of the internet to turn talk into action.

I'm here to participate in the conversation, and also to provide tech support. If you have any questions at all about Loomio, I'm happy to answer them. You can poke me by typing @richarddbartlett or email me directly: [email protected]

Huge thanks to MIT for sparking this off, and thanks for having me!


Ben Knight Tue 30 Jul 2013 9:10AM

Hi everyone - I'm Ben, part of the Loomio team.

I was privileged enough to meet Dazza and Jim last week, and I'm very excited at the prospect of an ongoing meaningful collaboration going forward.

I'm interested in the evolution of collective intelligence, the intersection between technology and politics, self-organising social systems, and the ways all of these things impact on each other.


James Elste Tue 30 Jul 2013 4:51PM

Hi, I am Jim. I run a company called Cognitive Extension, Inc, and we have built a solution that I believe is complementary to Loomio. It is called "inqiri", and it focuses on a structured decision optimization process based on a multi-criteria decision analysis methodology that leverages collective intelligence.

My background is primarily cyber-security and privacy. I have spent the last several years engaged in the legislative process in Nevada and helped draft and pass some landmark cyber-legislation (e.g. Nevada's "Encryption Law"). I also work with Dazza on the NSTIC IDESG where I chair the Privacy Committee.

Looking forward to the discussion...


Ben Knight Wed 31 Jul 2013 12:39AM

For anyone that hasn't seen it, Inqiri is an online tool for collaboratively determining decision parameters through collective intelligence.

Really interesting stuff that @jameselste will be able to tell you about in much more detail :)


Dazza Greenwood Wed 31 Jul 2013 5:24AM

Hi all - I'm Dazza Greenwood and it's a pleasure to join you here! More on the underlying idea for this particular discussion is available at: http://www.ecitizen.tv/2013/07/july-ecitizensalon-topics.html I'm intersted in using and also working on networked/digital discussion, design, deliberation and decision systems and services. More about me is available at CIVICS.com (as that site reflects, my main interest is online identity). I'm really looking forward to discussing these topics with you all and learning more about how Loomio works along the way.

- Dazza


Charlie DeTar Wed 31 Jul 2013 3:42PM

Hey y'all, I'm a PhD student at the MIT Media Lab (I've seen Dazza Greenwood in the halls, but never stopped to chat -- happy to be connected to you here!). As Ben's mentioned, I'm defending a dissertation next week covering the last couple of years of work I've done on decision making in small groups and co-ops. On top of that, I've served for two years on the board of http://nasco.coop, and lived in cooperatives, worked in collectives and affinity groups for most of the last 13 years.

Happy to get involved with y'all, though for the next week I'm going to be a bit burrowed in putting the last touches on my dissertation and defence.


Jon Lemmon Sat 3 Aug 2013 12:28AM

Hey there, I'm also part of the Loomio co-op. :-)

Currently, most of my time is spent coordinating our internal development team and our open-source community of contributors.

I'm thrilled to be a part of this conversation.

One of my fears when developing Loomio has been that if we're not careful we might end up building a large centralized service which fills the market and doesn't play nicely with other decision-making services (thus stifling innovation in the field).

However, I think these discussions represent a great opportunity for us to all come together as a community and ensure a healthy future for the online decision-making ecosystem. And more specifically, to develop open standards which allow collaborative decision-making apps to easily work together (hah, meta!).

I'm excited!


Miguel Arana Catania Sun 11 Aug 2013 9:55AM


I'm Miguel Arana, physicist involved in the 15M movement in Spain (our local version of the Occupy movement) and developer of incoma.org a platform of debate that aims to allow massive debates.



Dazza Greenwood Fri 6 Dec 2013 5:24AM

Hi all,
Benjamin popped by the Media Lab today and prompted me to check back in to Loomio... WOW. Love how this has been developing! The main factor that had disuaded me from logging in was lack of federated credential management but now that I can just login with Google (and the site has apparently associated my google busines apps identity at civics.com with my existing Loomio account that used the same core email address) it's a breeze to access Loomio. Sorry to have been absent from the conversation so long! Looking forward to poking around the groups and threads of dialog to catch up and then see how best to go forward with the Loomio community. Till then... feel free to give a hollar :-)
- Dazza