JB Jesse Butler Public Seen by 9

If the internet-world is indeed the inter-generational future for New Zealand, then it is prudent that we up-skill our youth generations to master the internet and its diverse world but on a massive scale. This proposed policy seeks to be initiated early in the state school system. This means that a New Zealand school leaver will be fully skilled in the basics, allowing for any further trade training apprenticeships to be focused on a specialised area; saving years of student loan costs-debt. For the unemployed, a fully-recognised and funded apprenticeship learning how to surf properly, with a job at the end of the tunnel, is a striking incentive compared to the dole and/or a student loan. In the long term it saves the tax-payer money and ensures that New Zealanders are domestically and regionally well represented in this future market. Question. Is starting this internet-apprenticeship early in the school system a smart idea to implement?