Fri 24 Apr 2015 2:28AM

Partnership status in current relationship

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We currently produce data on legal marital status and social relationship status from the census.

The move away from legal marriage is continuing, and the distinctions between legally registered relationships and other partnerships are becoming more blurred. Interest in people’s social relationship status over their legal relationship status appears to be increasing.

One issue with the data produced on social relationship and legal marital status is the poor quality of the civil unions data. The 2006 and 2013 Census data on civil unions was rated unfit for use and was not output. There may be less interest in the civil unions data now than there was previously.

Our current recommendations relating to partnership in current relationship status

  • We recommend that information on people’s social status with respect to relationships be collected in the 2018 Census. We welcome feedback on which categories are required for the data produced on relationship status, and whether we still need to collect and produce information that identifies people’s legal marital status.

See our preliminary view of 2018 Census content for a more detailed discussion on partnership status in current relationship information.

See 2013 Census information by variable for information on the partnership status in current relationship variable.


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