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I notice that there was a discussion on a search feature some 5 months ago. Could someone please let me know the plans for implementing this. It's implementation would be extremely useful.

Just now I have been searching to find out more information regarding Sophie's trip to Latin America and Europe and on my quick look through I can't find anything, but I'm sure I must have missed something as her recent post is written in such a way as we should all know about it (sorry Sophie I'm a newbie!).


Richard D. Bartlett Mon 24 Jun 2013 6:20AM

Hi @neilmorris you'll be pleased to hear that the Search feature is currently in development by the fabulous @robertguthrie and should be out really soon.


Sophie Jerram Mon 24 Jun 2013 4:38PM

Really pleasing to hear this, thanks for asking @neilmorris


[deactivated account] Tue 25 Jun 2013 2:18AM

Hi @richarddbartlett This is really great news! Thanks for letting me know!


Benjamin Knight Tue 25 Jun 2013 2:43AM

I'll make sure to keep you updated about progress on this feature @neilmorris - I might well be even more excited about it than you!