Wed 4 Oct 2017 1:21AM

Insight Dialogue workshop for Mindfulness for Change community

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This thread is to make decisions about holding a workshop on Insight Dialogue for the Mindfulness for Change community


Caroline Taylor Wed 4 Oct 2017 1:22AM

Hey there, @andrewmorrison and I’ve been talking to Caz Sheldon and Lucy Schwabe and they’ve agreed to offer a half day intro to insight dialogue workshop for our community. Caz and Lucy are teachers who've been trained by the creator of Insight Dialogue and they’re available 2 December, 9 December and most Saturdays in February and March, except 3 March to 17 March. While we work through details with Caz and Lucy it’d be great to get an indication of who’d be interested in the workshop and which of these dates might work so if you’re interested please fill in this doodle poll https://doodle.com/poll/gyx54dev6dixrmkd. We’re excited to be able to offer this as we believe this would be a really valuable practice to introduce into our community. This website has more info about the practice https://metta.org/insight-dialogue-3/. Warm wishes Caroline :


Caroline Taylor Fri 1 Dec 2017 12:53AM

Thanks everyone who's filled in the doodle poll on the insight dialogue workshop for the Mindfulness for Change community https://doodle.com/poll/gyx54dev6dixrmkd. Its great to see that many of you are interested in coming along as its a wonderful practice that's really aligned with our community's kaupapa. The most popular dates are 9 December and 24 and 31 March. I've talked to Caz and Lucy (who are running the workshop) and while we're very keen to run the workshop we've decided there is no rush and December is a very busy time of the year (and we now have our end of the year potluck on the afternoon of 9 December) so we're going to go with one of the March dates. I'll be back in touch in late January/early February and we'll confirm a date.


Ani Mitcalfe Sat 2 Dec 2017 12:01AM

Kia ora m4c :) I'll still be out of NZ for each of those dates, otherwise I'd've been joining you in this. Next time, perhaps. May the seasons treat you well till we meet again xox