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Transparency In The Internet Party

M Martyn Public Seen by 110

noun: transparency; plural noun: transparencies

the condition of being transparent.
"the transparency of their predatory motives"
frankness, openness, candidness, honesty, directness, forthrightness, unreservedness, plain-spokenness, straightness, straightforwardness, ingenuousness, innocence, guilelessness, simplicity
"the report said that the country's economic management lacked transparency"
antonyms:   opacity, cloudiness, obscurity, ambiguity, cunning, secrecy
a positive transparent photograph printed on transparent plastic or glass, able to be viewed using a slide projector.
"colour transparencies of the Grand Canyon"
synonyms:   slide, diapositive; 

Above is the definition of Transparency from Google. This thread is about how we can implement Transparency within the Internet Party, both in our internal and external processes.

One of the ways I think we can implement Transparency is to publish all of our documentation as PDFs with regards to the internal workings of the Internet Party on our website. Here I'm talking about things like our Health & Safety procedures, Sexual Harrassment policy, our Induction booklet and other such documents.


Tane Harre Thu 9 Nov 2017 7:25AM

Good idea. Mainly from a moral perspective. From a tactical perspective it may cause trouble but the party can hardly call for the government to be open without reciprocity.


Miriam Mallinder Thu 9 Nov 2017 9:53AM

How will the Party answer: "prove you have shown us everything" ... or ... actually ... are there some things you would not want to share, and what might they be?


Fred Look Tue 28 Nov 2017 5:34AM


Tane Harre Tue 28 Nov 2017 8:50AM

There has been a thought buggering around in my head. Something along the lines of ,"An open government is the only government that can be trusted" or maybe,"A government with nothing to hide from it's citizens has nothing to fear from it's citizens". That has little to do with the Internet party except as a slogan.

More along the lines of IP I think every meeting should be videoed and preserved for a certain amount of time.....say ten years.


Suzie Dawson Sat 2 Dec 2017 9:54AM

I'm personally fine with live streaming all the meetings.


Miriam Mallinder Sat 2 Dec 2017 6:53PM

But apparently not all loomio threads


Suzie Dawson Mon 4 Dec 2017 8:32AM

Which of your poison-spilling bad-energy Loomio threads are you wanting more of an audience for Miriam?


Miriam Mallinder Mon 4 Dec 2017 7:26PM

The last one you pulled would be good Suzie. I have a full copy of it BTW. And I refer you to Fred's post above. Completely apt.


Tane Harre Tue 5 Dec 2017 7:12AM

Oh for fuck sakes you two(F & S). Pull it in and sort it out through formal means....we do have some sort of process I imagine? I tried the ongoing verbal thing with pilot fever and that didn't work our well for the party at all.

If there is doubts in you minds about the legality of the party then send them to the electoral commission after giving the exec a chance to fix them.

Party leader can be removed by a vote of the parliamentary caucus....who is?

Party leader is elected by ...blah blah blah, everybody knows the rules. Work in them, change them, or fork the party.

For the record I think that Suzie, Jo and co have done well. I don't agree with some of it. I think some of it is dubious as per the constitution but then I tend to read things like someone trying to get off a low level charge.

I also think Fred did well as secretary and part of the exec. Would you prefer pilot fever? How about inheriting an illegal exec? Or perhaps the super fn mess that it was.

We lost an election, we collapsed, we have stayed largely silent and yet upright. We have new leadership so (if there isn't a constitutional objection) lets back it and if it fails say thank you for your efforts and back the next one.

We aren't here for a pretty nice guy that most people love (John Key), we are here because there are fundamental things wrong with human governance. Lets fix them.


Tane Harre Tue 5 Dec 2017 8:05AM

Good. Now that is fixed. Lets, live stream the meetings. How far can we go toward open governance? What privacy expectations can the exec have. More, less, ???

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