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Parish assets crowd sourcing

KW Kristin Warry Public Seen by 167

The Parishes around the country are about to start managing much of the land and paths, plus assets like play areas and bins. The aim is to quickly collate a case study for transmission (hopefully) via NALC for mutual benefit. I am going to use my village with the full cooperation of the parish council already acquired, but would welcome some additional varied data such as coastal areas, dual language areas etc. that aren鈥檛 really available in Wiltshire 馃槈


RobJN Thu 29 Aug 2019 7:51PM

Living in the Midlands, I'm not the best placed to help with a coastal area or dual language area. I am interested in learning more. You said that Parishes will start managing more - is there some legislative change that implemented this? Something I can point to that a local Parish would be aware off. I'm trying to work out the best way to approach Parishes and if I can refer to something they will understand it may help smooth the conversation.


Kristin Warry Thu 29 Aug 2019 8:30PM

Nope, the third sector (includes other types like town councils etc) has always been fed from OS via the local council, usually the planning authority. And most of the authorities don鈥檛 have time to help them much beyond a copy of major planning maps!


RobJN Thu 29 Aug 2019 7:57PM

I found a Digital Mapping Toolkit document (https://www.nalc.gov.uk/ourpublications) but no mention of OpenStreetMap in the text or the case studies. No mention of "open data" either. Feels like we should see if we can get one of the OSM case studies included in the next iteration of this publication.


Kristin Warry Thu 29 Aug 2019 8:25PM

I鈥檝e got a major snag in that the built in browser which I envisioned the parishes using cant actually draw polygons! The area button just give a line with an internal buffer of a few metres, meaning the middle of a football pitch won鈥檛 register a click, but the edge will


RobJN Thu 29 Aug 2019 8:52PM

Which software/website is that? I know systems like Leaflet and UMap, both of which don't have that problem but perhaps you are trying to make use of a system that Parish coucils may already have some familiarity with...?


Kristin Warry Thu 29 Aug 2019 10:28PM

The built in OSM one :/


RobJN Mon 2 Sep 2019 8:46PM

Ah you mean the OpenStreetMap online editor ("iD"). It displays areas that way for a reason, namely to all users to click on objects that are within the area (e.g. a bench within a park) without having to face issues as to which object is above/below another.

The fact that iD shows it that way does not mean the data is not captured in the database as an area - it is.

I'm not sure I would describe it as a "major snag". Maybe you can explain a bit more as to why you think this is a problem.


Kristin Warry Thu 29 Aug 2019 8:27PM


Kristin Warry Thu 10 Oct 2019 12:05PM

I mailed this, but putting here as I got no response:

It appears that the built in browser doesn't allow you create actual polygons! it creates a line with an internal buffer such that the centre of an area doesn't register when clicked on. Also when you do click round the edge, the legend does not match the area type selected from the list. I didn't want to go straight to the forum so hope you don't mind me coming back to your first. As I said, I am well able to use other systems, but this isn't the way to get the parishes on board.

To see what I mean please look at https://www.openstreetmap.org/edit#map=18/51.33988/-1.76028 and see the allotments in green dotted, not the allotment brown, and only the edges registering anyway, and seemingly unable to edit the green polygon that is there instead or add a new polygon that isn't just a line buffer?

any ideas?

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