Tue 10 Feb 2015 8:27AM

‽irate ‽arty - The Peoples Party

HM Hubat McJuhes Public Seen by 115

Democracy is the best form of Government known to mankind. But is the current implementation the best form of Democracy? It may very well have been the best implementation possible until recently - but is it possible that the internet (the biggest machine that human mankind has ever build) could enable new ways to think and exercise Democracy?

I am convinced that this is the case. I am sure that the internet is the most influential innovation since Gutenberg's printing press. I believe we can utilise it to emancipate ourselves to develop a deliberation process driven by all people, so that we will not have to hand over our voices at one particular election day only to silence ourselves for three years.

I see a future where we can make decisions or delegate our vote at any point in time as each and everyone of us see fit.

Before we can implement anything like this on a national scale, we need to make experiences and experiments on a smaller scale. The format of a party is ideal to get started. With the success of the deliberation platform that we establish for our needs will the acceptance by the people arise. And we, as a party will naturally become the majority - what else, as WE ARE THE PEOPLE!