Solutions part for the new website

J Josse Public Seen by 18

As you can see on https://parrot.pirateparty.be, we would give some example solutions to go from vertical to horizontal. To begin with the top solution among pirates: Transparency. For everyone of those points, we want to give 4 points that explain the topic well.

Please adapt on: https://pad.pirateparty.be/p/website-solutions

To be discussed further on the website squad meeting of 21st of April.


koen_v Wed 4 Apr 2018 6:30AM

2 small things, if I may:
-according to me: if you talk about transparacy, you also have to talk about privacy (because transparacy & privacy are a paradox). Otherwise it could chase some people away, I believe.
-by the way: below, with social media, facebook and twitter are mentioned, but not Mastodon; whay is that? Isn't tthat a pity-shouldn't the pirates show that they look voor means to escape from GAFA?