Mon 25 Mar 2019 6:53PM

The Global Resource Bank Network GRBnet

JP John Pozzi Public Seen by 113

The GRB network ecological economy integrates the earth’s human and social and natural resources. The GRB commodity-backed cryptocurrency, eco (e) values natural resources to supply the shareholders with global telecommunication service and a secure and sufficient and sustainable GRBe income for life. The GRB Network reverses climate change @ https://www.grb.net.


Danyl Strype Wed 15 Apr 2020 1:18AM

> The GRB Network reverses climate change



John Pozzi Thu 16 Apr 2020 2:54PM

Hi Danyl,

Thank you for the question.

"The GRB settles national debt in exchange for national assets and changes US$ assets to GRB ecos." (Thereby ending industrial age economics.)

"The GRB invests e2.5q in ecological restoration..." (To reverse climate change and begin the people's GRB ecological economy.)

"GRB shareholders invest 5% of their eco income in ecological restoration." (To sustain a natural environment.)