Wed 10 Dec 2014 1:21AM

Our Loomio learning experience

TB Tony Budak Public Seen by 65

Here is the official help folder;
Hope the above helps.


Tony Budak Wed 10 Dec 2014 3:17AM

Tony's Loomio navigation tips:

Think of the structure of Loomio as a tree, two leader trunks, left side of page discussions, right side of page decision by votes. Both sides with limbs and then branches. When you are reading and posting in a leader branch it’s really a folder, with a topic / subject title, and the folder contains a list of content messages or posts as in a discussion thread.

If you join other Loomio groups, it helps to go up to the top horizontal menu bar, click the Group Icon, to pull down and reveal the tree of (groups) file folders to find your way.