Tue 22 Dec 2020 12:46PM

How to realize "Systemic Consensus Procedure" in Loomio

G Giuseppe Public Seen by 89

Hello everybody!

In order to support consensus based decision making for big groups, I learned an approach which I find very powerful: It is called the "Systemic Consensus Principle". Here is a link where it is decribed very well.

The core aspect of this procedure is to ask for "resistance" instead of "acceptance" when rating a proposal (Resistance Rating Principle). The idea is, that the resistance rating may lead most probably to the nearest outcome to consesnus. With other words - the chance is higher to get consensus, since the outcome is searched, where the lowest resistance is existent (and will be most probable acceptet by the whole group).

I see that in Loomio this could be possible with the "Proposals Feature" - but in addition, I would like to have the possibility to set the answers to numbers like form 0 to 5 (0 is no resistance, 5 is maximum resistance) instead of "Accept, Neutral, Disagree and Veto". This is what I am missing. I wasn't able to change the given answers in the drop down menu in the form.

When this is set, an overview of all proposals and their individual resistance rating of the contributors and a mean value for each proposal (maybe a table overview) would be great!

Is such an approach possible to realize in Loomio? Have someone done something similar?
If not - maybe this could be a mighty, new feature :):

Best regards,


Giuseppe Sat 2 Jan 2021 7:37PM

Hey - I am wondering that I see no answers so far.

Is my context understandable? Or any questions? Or is this a wrong topic to share here in this group? Should I place it to another place?


Midi Berry Sat 2 Jan 2021 8:00PM

Hi Giuseppe. I very much like the idea you propose and also feel it is a useful topic for this group. I don't know if it is something that the Loomio developer team have considered, are considering, would consider. I like to think so! Wishing us all a blessed and fruitful 2021 馃幎馃寛馃惉


Robert Guthrie Wed 6 Jan 2021 8:40PM

@Giuseppe - I think it's just the timing. Most of us are on a holiday break.


Midi Berry Wed 6 Jan 2021 9:59PM

Wishing you well-earned happy and healthy holidays 馃幎


Giuseppe Thu 7 Jan 2021 7:55AM

Makes sense! I did not think about this - sorry :). I wish everybody all the best for this - and also the following - years :)


J枚rn Behrensen Sat 10 Apr 2021 10:28PM

I use the normal range from 0 - 10 to perform systemic consensing and realize it with the DECISION module. There you can choose the item (I guess it might be called "result" in an english Loomio) (i use the german Loomio-version and there it is called Ergebnis) Anyhow here is a screenshot to find this item:

There you can choose your range numbers and use all the necessary options.

There is a minor cosmetic flaw. If someone choose 0 for no resistance at all the number won麓t show up in the results and the color of the graphic is missing. But the math should be correct.

Good luck