Sun 1 Jan 2023 2:03PM

Relaying with sofla.cafe

SW Sam Whited Public Seen by 63

Hi all,

The admin of sofla.cafe is a social.coop member and they reached out after seeing the recent relaying discussion to ask if we'd consider relaying with them. They are trying to move sofla.cafe towards being co-operatively owned, but to do so need to boost awareness of co-ops on the instance. To quote them:

Turns out, out of the socialcoop bubble people are barely aware of what a cooperative is, it would be beneficial to the instance to have some posts about cooperatives and platform cooperatives, just to make cooperative governance feel possible.

Is this something we'd want to help them with? Their instance is small, so it likely wouldn't do much to us (I think we can even relay in one direction if we want?).

For those who weren't part of the discussion: relaying means that our public posts would show up in their federated timeline and that their "recommended hashtags and posts" and what not would also take ours into consideration (I think, I only recently realized that was a part of it). Thoughts?

I'd especially like to get the tech teams feedback on this; as far as I know the instance is small enough that it would be a negligible amount of storage for us (compared to them storing our much larger number of posts), but since we've never done it before it's worth asking.


Deleted account Mon 2 Jan 2023 10:02AM

Let me know if our co-operative resource centre can be of help, information and contact details are on our website: https://www.principle5.coop/

Best wishes,