That the General Assembly accepts all late entries for statutes, motions and candidatures or on a case by case basis.

AR Andrew Reitemeyer Public Seen by 286
  • Put by: PP-NZ Andrew Reitemeyer international coordinator - contact [email protected]
  • Sponsor: PP-NZ
  • Motion: Acceptance of late motions, statute amendments and candidatures.

    • a) all late motions, statute amendments and candidatures be accepted for voting by the General Assembly
    • b) if a) is not passed then a vote on each is to be made on each late motion, statute amendment or candidature individually before the commencement of voting.
  • Rationale: The time limit does not give opportunity for alternate proposals to be developed and potential candidatures may be affected by withdrawing board members - there being no candidates for the board at the deadline.


Nikolay Voronov Fri 1 Jul 2016 9:00PM

on the one hand - i understand why we need this Motion, but on the other hand - it's very undesirable to have many late SAP's and motions. Parties have no time to discuss late motions and forced to make reckless and quick decisions.
I wish PPI will not get this motion as kind a "general rule", rather than exception