Sound Booth, Diffusion, Power

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For your consideration:

  1. Moving/ Building a sound platform/ booth against back wall, made from pallets and plywood that is already there.

  2. Diffusion panels: Easy to be made from (again) pallets. Painted in fun colors. To go on back wall, side walls too maybe.

Just some examples of what could be done.

  1. Running power to the sides of the stage: I have romex and boxes Can tie into power inside wall at box, or plug into existing outlets.

I also have some scrap 2x4s around my house that would love to see gone, and put to good use.

I’ve got all the tools and such to put any of this stuff together. May need some appropriately sized screws.

Hopefully talk about this on Monday the 28th?


Brandon Sat 2 Jun 2018 5:04PM

Hello all,

Everything is working great with the new monitors!!!! #Blessed

Bummer is that one of the channels on the power amp (my amp) that's being used is fuzzy :( I'm going to spray some more cleaner into it tonight (6/2) hopefully that will take care of it. We can run both speakers from one output on the amp and they are still plenty loud, and sound good!

I also noticed that one of the channels on the main amp channel one (Left side) isn't putting out the same amount of high frequency that the right side is. This is the channel that previously had an issue. I'll spray some cleaner into it also, should help. This in no way keeps it from being usable. Its hardly noticeable when they are both going. The cymbals aren't "there" on the left in recorded music (the high frequency information). Which doesn't hurt much b/c mostly just pushing vocals through them anyway, and there's not a mush human voice up that high.

As we keep accumulating all this outboard gear (drool), which is Super! We need to build a rack for it, and have a space to put it. Rack rail are cheap and to build a mount for them will only take a couple 2x4s made into a box.
This is what we're looking at:
https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/RackRail8U--gator-grw-rackrail-08u-rack-rails-8u-pair .

Things we'll put in it:

Power conditioner
Eq 2x
Compressor/ gate