Thu 10 Jan 2019 12:34PM

UI / UX design for agent centric architecture

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How will UI / UX need to evolve for dApps and hApps?


Oli SB Thu 10 Jan 2019 12:48PM

Picking up from a previous thread which mentioned agent-centric designs I am interested to explore what people here think about how UI will need to evolve when we have real agent centric architecture.

If you take the example of an protocol-co-op version of Uber (mentioned in the discussion here https://open.coop/2018/07/09/holochain-commons-engine-cooperation-scale/ ) which combines various apps including: Matching riders and drivers (based on location), a ratings app (for standard driver / passenger ratings), a payment app, etc - how exactly would the UI work when you wanted to pull in the "smell rating" app - just as an example...?

I.e. I can imagine how the first few apps would combine, but how / where would the additional "smell ratings" be presented if the main screen 'real estate' has been taken by the other apps? OK that's just one additional rating, so maybe you could wedge it into the existing UI, via an extra column or star rating or something, but what would happen when the agent wants to bring in / combine lots of other apps too? How / where would the additional information be presented? It seems unrealistic to think this could all "fit" within one screen if there is an unknown amount of extra data the agent wishes to see... And Agents will probably not want to have to flick back and forth between multiple apps just to book the least smelly cab - so there is the UI / UX challenge.

I discussed this with some of the members of HappyDev at Space4 in London a few weeks back and they had some interesting answers...

from the other thread:

@bobhaugen said:

We've done some work on what we think is the appropriate UI/UX for agent-centric economic networks. https://cryptpad.fr/pad/#/2/pad/edit/kOLFWZeAw5bIZWo5CkyrNJ8U/

Short version: it is a combination of social and economic networking, with your economic interactions appearing in feed streams like your social interactions, often about the same topics. Combined with graphical overviews showing the network context the interactions are happening in.

@ivan116 is working on it, and early versions are in use in Fair Coop and soon with a Holochain demo.

I can't wait to see that :)


Oli SB Thu 10 Jan 2019 12:55PM

Bob also reminded us of this post, kick off by @lynnfoster : https://www.loomio.org/d/3wDCtkoG/structuring-the-oae-around-agents