August 2014 Report for Social Media

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Facebook membership has continued to grow. It is at 1908members today (26th)

A recent post got the attention of 1155 people in 24hours. It was about becoming a member via the website.

Nobody has yet taken up the roll to manage twitter. Ricky has suggested Malcom Minks or “Elysium Energy” We are discussing the proposal.


Oliver Minter Tue 26 Aug 2014 9:25AM

First of all - WOW!!!! very exciting..
Secondly - i think - like Berge has said to me - at some point - we will always need to trust someone new - and allow them to work for us. This part is always going to be difficult... and sometimes we will put our faith in someone and it will be a mistake..and sometimes it will be great... so it will always be a bit of a gamble.. um - i think that if Ricky has observed Malcolm's behaviour on FB (i have no knowledge and have not read anything so far about him) and thinks its all been good and if he thinks its a good idea then i would take the risk and roll with it. HOWEVER we MAY need to come up with some sort of basic rules or guidelines and give them to him - OR we may not have to- only Ricky can make that call. If needed, we can come up with scenarios and guidelines here in this workspace. and we can even invite him here as well. And also - we can keep a half eye open on what he is publishing on twitter on behalf of SOL... and we would have time to notify him if anything was too inappropriate etc etc. Anyway that's my opinion on it. Cheers from Oliver.


Ricky Jefferyes Tue 26 Aug 2014 10:24AM

I just posted a couple of comments here but then cut and pasted them over to Facebook


So if you're wondering what happened to them, that's what happened.


Ricky Jefferyes Tue 26 Aug 2014 10:26AM

I think guidelines are a good idea. We should have guidelines for all of our social media platforms. Malcom will be able to help us write them, particularly for Twitter.


Malcom Minks Tue 2 Sep 2014 3:42PM

I'd just like to extend a warm thank everyone for this opportunity.

I will eventually get around to contacting each of you individually. A little busy with study and prepping for the new season of basketball (changes).

I am open to ideas on what SOL would like posted. A direction or a topic hierarchy of preferred postings. I am more than happy to help out where I can. My passion is in community development and that kind of broadly covers a lot of topics. I'm a bit of a geek, just don't put me in a room with Sheldon. I'm not a nerd lol

If you have Facebook, feel free to add me. Malcom Minks or Elysium Energy. Twitter @elysiumenergy.

I'd like to learn more about SOL and I learn better by getting involved and doing things.


Joum Wed 3 Sep 2014 1:57AM

Thanks Malcom. I think what you are posting at the moment is fine. I am trying to watch what your posts. The SOL twitter following is not that big, so you can't go too wrong.

It is great to have you on the team.


Peter Lindsay Wed 3 Sep 2014 3:03AM

Off topic... but I think the name change should be 'Direct Democracy Australia' in keeping with other successful DD's world wide...especially Switzerland who has it spot on in clarity of understanding and enacting the concept > see utube on SOL facebook page.


Ricky Jefferyes Wed 3 Sep 2014 3:15AM

@peterlindsay You should copy your comment over to this thread.