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I would like to suggest to add the possibility to reshare something without posting it as public.

According to me the fact to add the possibility to choose the aspect used with the reshare can add a very big value to D*.

From my user experience : there is a lot of thing that I am not resharing because I don't want to set it public : it is a little bit annoying.


Rich Fri 27 Feb 2015 10:11PM



Deleted account Fri 27 Feb 2015 11:39PM

Heu... Duplicate !?


Tekarihoken Sat 28 Feb 2015 1:13AM

Hum this is not a duplicate .


Deleted account Sat 28 Feb 2015 8:10AM

I think this is.


Elm Sat 28 Feb 2015 9:07AM

Hello, in the discussion linked by Augier it is what he named "augmented reshare" that would include the ability to change the visibility, plus other things. I agree with Tekarihoken tthat the ability to simply reshare the same post to a limited aspect would be usefull.


Deleted account Sat 28 Feb 2015 10:59AM

Yeah, but maybe it can be discussed in the other thread instead of always opening a new one !?


Tekarihoken Sat 28 Feb 2015 11:23AM

@Augier : First : I haven't seen your post yesterday.

Added to that : your solution is given to a closed proposition that is dealing with the problem of resharing occurence not about resharing visibility.

I don't see the interest to mix every subject that is dealing with resharing into a single topic.

Added to that your proposition do not solve my problem : it do not permit to reshare an original post with a customized visibility and is producing the same result as copy/paste.


Deleted account Sat 28 Feb 2015 11:43AM

Seriously ? You really don't read ?
The thread is called "reshares" it is about reshares discussing.

Plus, you never do researches before onpening a thread on a forum ?


Tekarihoken Sat 28 Feb 2015 11:58AM

I am not sure that you have understood the philosophy of Loomio.
Loomio is decision-making oriented.This is not a forum with infinite thread. Discussing about different subject into a single one is stupid : the subjects should be decoupled.

Soo yes I have done a search and I have found the indicated thread. I have also noticed that the topic that was dealing with resharing occurence. That is why I have decided to open a new one in order to avoid the confusions.


Jason Robinson Sat 28 Feb 2015 1:18PM

TBH, I think this belongs on github as it is purely a feature request - not really much to discuss since the wish seems very clear.

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