Fri 8 Sep 2017 11:24PM


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We are going to need a logo, can someone start brainstorming and come up with something? How much time do you need? Do you want to make a sub-group to work together with other artist in the group or solo and everyone comes up with there own design and we put it to a vote?


Tony Flores Fri 8 Sep 2017 11:51PM

Link for the documentary that inspired this group:

Check out “A New Economy” on Netflix


armando castelan Sun 10 Sep 2017 7:53PM

I can do some rough drafts on designs. I think that if someone else can also do some we can then pick top 3 to develop and eventually see which is more effective. Maybe 3-5 days.


Tony Flores Mon 11 Sep 2017 9:01PM

sounds good Armando, services we will include are customs brokerage, logistics, freight brokerage/transportation, warehousing, distribution, kitting, picking and packaging, and consulting services to give you an idea what this is about.


Jose Tue 12 Sep 2017 2:11PM

Ok si now we also might need to work on the business plan, when do you have time Tony to go over the basics??


Tony Flores Tue 12 Sep 2017 7:14PM

The idea is that we are structuring from the ground up an innovative co-op company with specialist in different fields. Those that participate will have the option to continue after we build a solid business plan and invest or find investors. I repeat this is a new management style business. We are all bosses and we all participate in decision making, ideas and projects. Once this project comes to fruition everyone will end up with a cool job they love and an equal share of pay in the business they co-run with everyone here. As of now we have the following:

myself Tony Flores - logistics expert with 16 plus years experience
Gustavo Flores - business major with import/export experience
Armando Castelan - Artist which would be dealing with our media page, logo, Facebook management for example
Ernesto de la Concha - Import/Export and logistics manager
Hai Trong Ho - with experience in animation, art and social media,
Hector Berlanga - Insurance
Allen Vigil - new business development
Luis Ramirez - business major and manager
Mario Valdez - manager and transportation owner

I'm inviting someone for HR and two I.T. designers are pending as well.


Stevegtz Tue 12 Sep 2017 11:48PM

Antonio I just logged in in response to your invitation. My brother summarized what you discussed with him last week. I'm not quite sure what the concept is but considering my strengths what would you like me to bring to the table. If I may suggest a logo design based on what you described about the services, I envision an structure similar to the image of a brain. The center line that divides the brain can represent to IH 35 corridor. The other lines could represent other lesser traveled trade routes which are important in and of themselves. It would also represent the organization's willingness to deviate from the established system, innovation. I'll try to work on a design asap.


Tony Flores Wed 13 Sep 2017 4:47PM

The goal is to bring everyone's talents together, to do what you are good at and like to do. Example: Marketing, web-page design, social media management and we'll set goals and form work groups to structure the company to the point where we have a solid business plan then talk about investments and rent or buy a warehouse. On the way, someone from I.T. is working on the software, someone from HR will be planning and organizing based on their theories and models develop processes, warehouse is establishing their processes and mapping the flow of operations as all the other areas. Imagine a living cell multiplying spreading and forming, growing out in each direction, each direction vital, each direction is an area of expertise coming together.


Stevegtz Wed 13 Sep 2017 4:51PM

Ok it seems like we're on the same wavelength. I'll need additional info to develop a marketing plan.