Thu 20 Sep 2018 5:37AM

National Refill Day (27th September)

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Details of our plans for National Refill Day


Oscar Gillespie Thu 20 Sep 2018 6:33AM

Hiya, the national Refill group have told me that the 27th of September is now National Refill Day and they want to try and get quite a lot of social media and news coverage of this so that more people start using the app. They have just released a new version of the app, and circulated some brand materials and videos etc that we can use.

The main things that I propose we do for this are:
1) Use Twitter and Facebook to boost the message, and repeat the message using the hashtags #RefillRevolution and #NationalRefillDay
2) Take photos of yourself refilling a bottle and tweet them
3) Send a press release out about this, and invite papers to do an article about National Refill Day and possibly a follow up article the following week
4) Talk to people and try and get them to do steps 1 and 2 as well

Annuscha has offered to do the press releases already. We can all do steps 2 and 4. If anyone is interested in helping to run the social media accounts it would be quite handy.

We might also have a bit of a social on the day, have a coffee and speak to a couple of city centre businesses, if anyone's interested (probably around 2pm).


Gemma Mon 24 Sep 2018 10:03AM

Sounds great Oscar. Can retweet through Cambridge Sustainable Food if you tag us


Oscar Gillespie Mon 24 Sep 2018 5:19PM

Great, thanks Gemma!