Using D* as a Blog?

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Some people have the idea to create their profiles as a Blog ( see this example ), but this may need some new features to create a comfortable environment.

For example:

  • Some people don't like that posts get "buried", mainly for their blogs, so some automatic linkage will be an interesting feature.
  • We could use a special tag (like #blog) for dividing personal posts and blog-posts.
  • The profile page could have two tabs: "General" and "Blog". Clicking at the "Blog" tab you can see all the user's #blog-tagged posts.

I think there's another related discussion, but in my opinion has a different subject:


Christian Giménez Wed 28 Aug 2013 2:35PM

Some comments about the title:

Automatic Linkage

With this I mean, to create in the blog page a panel or a section where you can find lot of links pointing to:

  • Tags used or
  • A date list when you blog-posted something.

The #blog Tag

This may not need any implementation at all, but will be useful if we can find someones posts tagged with this.

Nowadays if you search using this tag you'll find everybody's public posts!


Rasmus Fuhse Wed 28 Aug 2013 3:03PM

Might be a nice idea to give a user profile some more functionality. I am not sure about the #blog tag. Yes, we could use it right now and that's amazing as always. But we shouldn't propagate this tag as special or stuff. Maybe we should have a (customizable?) tagcloud in the user-profile so I can get all postings by that user with that #tag.


Jason Robinson Wed 28 Aug 2013 6:52PM

Also another thing that would be needed for better blogging support is anonymous commenting, without a Diaspora account. That and improved opengraph/etc tags and Diaspora could be really good for blogging.


Roger Thu 29 Aug 2013 8:36AM

I love @rasmusfuhse 's idea of a tagcloud! And I like the idea of making D* more blog friendly but I'm not so sure about the how to make this happen. We would need to think exactly how this could work but my initial reaction to the blog tag idea is that it could be a bit clunky.


Seth Martin Fri 30 Aug 2013 3:48AM

I have been looking in the database and noticed that nearly all registered accounts have not been accessed since the day of registration. After reaching out to some of them, it has become obvious that many were looking for blog type features. After realizing that what they came for (facebook killer) didn't exist, they didn't even test it out to see if there were even any better features available with diaspora.

Diaspora needs obvious blog features if we want it to be a common place to find our friends and family that we hang out with in person.


Karthikeyan A K Mon 4 Nov 2013 5:24AM

I am a blogger and would love to see it on diaspora. it neans ghat almist all my social online life would be complete just by signing into d*


Jason Robinson Mon 4 Nov 2013 8:31PM

@karthikeyanak you're a Ruby coder right? Want to do this? :)


Karthikeyan A K Tue 5 Nov 2013 6:52AM

Yup, but am too lazy. Will try to try.


theradialactive Tue 5 Nov 2013 6:54PM

i would like to make the blog feature more "hard implemented". Maybe we could create "independent aspects", which are independent from people or users and are just "categories" I can show on my profile.

In short: It would be the "#blog on profile" idea, but made with an aspect, so that we could make more than one blog. (Maybe if you're are a Linux-User, but you are also interested politics, you don't want to mix these things up)


Ryuno-Ki Thu 27 Feb 2014 11:59PM

What about pingbacks/trackbacks?

It would be something, I'd expect from a blogging software.

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