Agency Disclosure Form Hackathon vs Consumer-Centric Working Group?

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IDEA STARTER: Host Agency Disclosure Hackathon or consumer-centric Working Group?

On September 23rd, learned that the MA Real Estate Board had formed an Agency Disclosure Form Working Group. Correspondence since that date has failed to produce an substantive information our that effort beyond the list of members -- industry insiders including legal staff of Realtor organizations and mega-brokers. See attached image for roster and decade old report by the Consumer Federation of America documenting the nationwide problem in this tweet:


So, sent this idea starter to the organizer of an upcoming virtual conference entitled:
OpenGov & CivicTech at the Crossroads


Looking for case studies for this OpenGov event or lead up to it? If you visit this tweetstream, you'll see an example of the "fox guarding the chicken coop" in real estate. My hypothesis is that #CivicTech innovators could develop a better agency disclosure form by harnessing emerging #FinTech, #RegTech, #LegalTech and #RETech.

Should real estate consumer advocates attempt that on our own or run it through this event?


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Use this link to learn more about OpenGov & CivicTech at the Crossroads online 10/27/16: