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groovehunter Thu 13 Sep 2012 2:04PM

Who is the administrator of our platform here?


altruism Thu 13 Sep 2012 2:27PM

I guess that would be Sean.


Sean Tilley Thu 13 Sep 2012 4:56PM

For now, it's me. I would like to appoint another admin or two, though, so long as those admin powers are not abused.


altruism Thu 13 Sep 2012 5:10PM

How can the admin powers in Loomio be abused?


Jonne Haß Thu 13 Sep 2012 5:42PM

Just ignore me if you disagree but I want to widen this discussion to general Administration, that is Github organization, MLs, new project site, Shapado(?), IRC channels (I got ops in #diaspora, #diaspora-dev is unregistered).

Should we have elections? If yes are nominations allowed or just self-nominations? How often to do elections? Distrust votings?


Sean Tilley Thu 13 Sep 2012 6:21PM

I think at some point, elections for a Community Council may be necessary, but it's pointless to have elections without some kind of basic structure put in place.

@Altriusm: Just like anyone with admin/mod powers can abuse their position. Ever seen a power-hungry forum moderator? It's not a pretty sight.


Jason Robinson Thu 13 Sep 2012 6:32PM

Yeah for defo elections and teams and all the good stuff :) But these things take time. I guess it should start with someone actually writing a suggestion and then we vote on it. I'd say no rush, let's not rush things just to get things forward :)


altruism Thu 13 Sep 2012 7:59PM

Sean, as admin of a group in Loomio can (1) de-activate the group (close it), (2) take away the opportunity from others to invite new member... can admin do any thing else abusive?


Sean Tilley Thu 13 Sep 2012 8:06PM

I think an admin can also close proposals.


altruism Thu 13 Sep 2012 8:17PM

Can an admin close a group? take away the right to create a subgroup?

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