Sat 6 Apr 2024 6:19AM

Board meeting 2024-04-05

JB John Bryant Public Seen by 9

Hi all, meeting notes are tidied up & ready for review. Can you please check them and add anything that's missing? I'll post the PDF for an acceptance vote on Sunday night or Monday morning.


Rafael Sat 6 Apr 2024 10:02AM

looks good , great job as always @John Bryant


Poll Created Sun 7 Apr 2024 12:40PM

Approve meeting minutes 20240405 Closed Thu 11 Apr 2024 4:00PM

by John Bryant Fri 12 Apr 2024 1:42AM

Minutes accepted. I'll post them on the wiki, mailing list, and Slack.

Please review the attached meeting minutes. Do you approve these as a record of the meeting?


Results Option % of points Voters
Yes 75.0% 6 JB JS EP AC R DP
Abstain 25.0% 2 AL RM
No 0.0% 0  
More discussion required 0.0% 0  
Undecided 0% 1 EH

8 of 9 people have participated (88%)


Alex Leith Sun 7 Apr 2024 12:40PM


I was only there for the end of the meeting.


Renee M Sun 7 Apr 2024 12:40PM


I'm also abstaining, due to my absence