Sat 3 Mar 2018 11:46PM

OuiShare as co-founder of Bloom Network Think Tank

F Francesca Public Seen by 380

I've just received an interesting email from the Bloom Network, an organization with the mission to spread a regenerative culture. This fall they are launching an "action incubator" and have sent us the following invitation:

"I am pleased to invite a representative from OuiShare to be a think tank founder for the Peer-to-Peer Economy track at the Bloom Action Incubator and Bloom Network’s first annual Summit, to be held from September 14-16 2018 in San Francisco. I'm hoping to find someone from your crew that lives in the Bay Area or the west coast U.S., but if it seems best to you for someone from Europe to be here, we can make that happen.

Your guidance will help to draw together regenerative culture leaders from around the world to connect and deliver regenerative culture solutions practically in their communities and workplaces. Think tank founders will participate in at least one online think tank session prior to the Summit, and at least one face-to-face session at the Summit. These sessions will connect existing resources across different sectors or disciplines, as well as form focus points for working groups which will continue on after the event."

See the whole context and proposal here.

Concretely, they are looking for a representative from OuiShare to attend their kick-off event in San Francisco on September 14th-15th. I think it sounds like an interesting project for us to be part of.

Is there someone who would be interested in attending? Maybe members of OuiShare in Canada or the Americas?


Manuella Brito Sun 4 Mar 2018 4:25PM

@tomasdelara have a look, I think it might interest you :)


Tomás de Lara Sun 4 Mar 2018 7:06PM

Interesting project.

Regeneration was Colaboramerica's last central theme, and I'm helping to organize a regenerative systems event in Rio also, at this beautiful regenerative center: https://www.sinaldovale.org/about-us

That's a theme and movement that interests me, so I would love to talk to the people, to know more about it, is that possible?

If I go I would represent both Ouishare and Colaboramerica, would that be a problem or conflict of interests?

Kisses to all.


Thomas Dönnebrink Mon 5 Mar 2018 9:02AM

Hi @tomasdelara sounds great and happy to hear you are interested in regeneration. IMHO this will be the next step going beyond just sustainability. After degeneration / deformation of nature, economy, society and democracy the sustainability discussion and action is above all to slow down and stop the current craziness of accelating over the cliff and against the wall. Regeneration is the creative, imaginative, transformative next step or level or update.
Concerning representing OuiShare and Colaboamerica at the same time, I have no objections. To the contrary, after bringing ideas, concepts and people together, I think it is now time to bring whole networks and movements together and let convergence and emergence unfold and support it. So please, go and rock it :)


Francesca Wed 14 Mar 2018 5:39AM

Sounds perfect to me @tomasdelara ! I don't see any problem with you representing both as well.

I connect you :)


Tomás de Lara Wed 14 Mar 2018 4:21PM

@francesca and @thomasdonnebrink that's great, super aligned! Great, I will talk to them and understand the viability / agenda / demands from their part for this participation. If I can't make it, will bounce back the opportunity here. Sending big hugs from Rio.


Francesca Thu 15 Mar 2018 5:04AM

perfect @tomasdelara and thanks for being so reactive :)