Wed 15 Feb 2017 8:47PM

Decision Making Process

MYA Maher Y. ARAFAT Public Seen by 396

The process of decision making ... consists of a number of steps, Which step in your opinion is most important to make quality decision and why???


osama khalaf Sun 19 Feb 2017 8:03PM

In my opinion , The gathering information is the most important step because you need sufficient information to make a decision if you lose part of this important information that will make your decision weak, and for me all the steps depends on this step to obtain better analysis , good plan and decision .


yasser daifallah Mon 20 Feb 2017 6:33PM

I think, before making any decision, the organization has to identify exactly what the problem is. Not identifying the problem could lead to an erroneous decision. The leader of an organization should evaluate the issue with all employees so everyone knows about it, and then make a decision that taps into what's worked before if that decision process is right for solving the issue. This form of decision-making can be made into a computer program with a set pattern of rules to follow in amending a problem.