Fri 11 May 2018 2:10AM

High Level Feedback

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Hey peeps, I thought I would start a thread where you can share high-level feedback.

Share away!


Paul McGregor Fri 11 May 2018 2:14AM

Howdy Rich,

I just finished reading the book yesterday.

I loved reading it and took a lot away to muse over. I scribbled notes as I went along, so I've just attached a pdf of them. If anything I've written leaves you going "Eh?" then let me know!

My main feedback was:
* The overall content is ace and brings together many disparate threads quite successfully.
* I would have loved more stories. (Perhaps this was because the last book I read was Made to Stick by the Heath Brothers, and that book was packed with story after story.)
* I felt lost when reading - as in, I didn't understand where I was in the overall arc of the book. There were few pointers about where I was in the book and where we were going, and few links between chapters.
* I'm wondering if you also want to touch on HOW one might START implementing these patterns in a workplace that has a negative or non-explicit culture. If I'm in a workplace where we just don't do this talking about culture stuff, or where change scares the pants off everybody, where might I start and how might I navigate that? Now, that might be the topic of several additional books - I don't know!

Thank you for writing this Rich!



Richard D. Bartlett Fri 11 May 2018 2:57AM

awesome thanks Paul -- I don't see the pdf though?


Richard D. Bartlett Fri 11 May 2018 4:00AM

@paulmcgregor this is very helpful feedback. I wonder if I might address all your main points by interviewing you and including the story in a chapter of case studies? You might need to be anonymised in the process though...


Richard D. Bartlett Fri 11 May 2018 5:22AM

FYI I've now corrected all the grammatical errors you caught. The latest version will be up on Leanpub.com


Danyl Strype Mon 1 Oct 2018 4:14PM

Just to clarify @richarddbartlett , it's necessary to pay on LeanPub to get access to the draft and give feedback, yes? Not that I begrudge you $5, just wanting to make sure I understand correctly ;) BTW I just gave you some promotion on the fediverse:


Richard D. Bartlett Mon 1 Oct 2018 4:26PM

That's correct. Though I plan to add a note at some stage to contact me if price is a barrier, happy to share for free.


Danyl Strype Wed 3 Oct 2018 5:53AM

Cool, thanks for the confirmation. I read your piece on your experiments
with Patreon, Medium, and Leanpub, on the P2PF blog. Certainly some food
for thought (see my comment there).

For me, a major motivator for wanting to see everything on the net stay
gratis has always been the desire not to exclude people who lack the
ability to pay. I still think this makes sense for large-scale peer
production commons like free code software, Wikipedia or OpenStreetMap.
But I like the idea of a semi-permeable paywall on things that are
created by one person, or a small group, where people have to actually
make contact to get gratis access. That way the creator gets either
funds or feedback, not just freeriding. I'm intrigued :)


Paul Lindner Sun 20 Oct 2019 10:38PM

Is this project still active? Or did this work get included in "Better Work Together"?


Richard D. Bartlett Fri 15 Nov 2019 5:43PM

Thanks for the prompt @Paul McGregor -- I've written a proper update here