Tiny tweak to make time polls quicker & clearer

LF Luke Flegg Public Seen by 64

I propose rather than having loads of numbers I have to read through manually, colours are used instead (like When2Meet. eg. the brighest green = the date most people can attend)

I also think with all the multiple selection polls, the individual responses should be 'collapsed' by default, otherwise in larger groups there's 50 billion itemised records of each person's multiple selections, which I rarely need to see by default

Final thought with time polls - if they could be done without a log in, suddenly Loomio would have (in my view) a better product than Doodle and better than When2Meet (except for its sexy 'draw to select a range of dates/times if there's loads' feature) and could draw more new people to Loomio..


Robert Guthrie Sun 6 Dec 2020 9:38PM

Thanks Luke, appreciate the feedback. I'd love to support vote without login - I'll note that in cases where you're inviting a new user for the first time, they actually just have to enter their name, then they can participate, but it feels like starting a new account..

Id took a couple of days to research integrating with user's calendars and supporting drag and drop to select free / busy times, and find availability that way. It'll come next year.