How can The Value Web be involved?

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Dear friends,

this is a message to get your thoughts and inspiration, and to invite you to contribute to the following discussion.

Tanja and me are in touch with Gail for quite a while, and run more or less regular conversations with her. Over the summer, she shared with us that she and two dear colleagues (Elisabet Sahtouris, Michael Haupt) have been selected as finalists for the evolutionary future challenge. (https://www.evoleadinstitute.com/evochallenge)

They intent to redesign the entire social reality that led to the need for the UNs 17 SDGs, as they argue that the planetary crises we face are a result of our culture. All crises are being addressed by a huge and growing movement of social and ecological activists.

In order to reshape our culture, their proposal focuses on developing a planetary-scale game inspired by Buckminster Fuller’s World Game. The game is the tool by which we socially engineer a new culture, based on the principles of Nature.

Here are more details about their submission:

They will present in front of a jury on Oct 18th and will then know if they are selected as one of the winners.

Gail has suggested that The Value Web could be involved. We would love your input as to what that could look like, and have scheduled a conversation with Gail, Elisabet and Michael for Oct 17th at 18:00 CET to which you are all invited.

Please share your thoughts here on Loomio, and join the conversation.

With love & gratitude,
Svenja & Tanja


Tanja Kerlo Wed 10 Oct 2018 3:48PM

Here is the recording from our fireside chat about the Global Commons. In the last 15', we explored the links with the game. Worth watching. There are natural connections and a lot of potential for collective action. https://zoom.us/recording/share/-2Kslml72PV3gWmxyNecVZuFXnX918jr8w_-ioTDhAywIumekTziMw


Aaron Wed 10 Oct 2018 4:46PM

My question is this: is 1billion players an aspirational or actual goal? The most popular game of all times - League of Legends - had only 100 million players. The current most popular game, backed by $1B in revenue - Fortnite - has only 78 million players, and will probably decline after hitting 100m. The VC in me is wondering where the 10x would come from.


Betty Thu 11 Oct 2018 6:08AM

Thank you for sharing Svenja.
What a delightful initiative and mission.
I totally and wholeheartedly volunteer to help and assist the project and Designshop.


Svenja Rüger Wed 17 Oct 2018 7:58PM

Dear friends,
we just had a wonderful conversation with Gail, Elisabet and Michael about their fascinating venture to redesign the entire social reality and create a game that explores and develops a new operating system for humanity. They are getting ready to present in front of a jury tomorrow, and we all keep our fingers crossed that they will succeed.

Please watch the recording part 1 and part 2 (for some reason it is not in one file), as well as tune into the presentation document with this link starting at minute 00:15. And a model of how TVW ecosystem can support and be of service to the venture with this model at minute 0:14

Best, Svenja


Svenja Rüger Tue 4 Dec 2018 10:06AM

Dear all, here is an update about this voluntary venture that Betty, Tanja, and me are pursuing, and that has a connection to the model of The Value Web we believe.

As you know from my notes above, Tanja and me started to have more regular conversations with Gail some months ago, and in September we shared her plan to co-create a new human operating system through gaming We have already shared more on loomio at that time.

Now Betty and me stepped up to become Conspirators together with a diverse group of people way beyond our practice in order to help with the planning of a DesignShop in April. We had a great conversations and Gail openly asked about the role that The Value Web could play in this. We would like to pose that question to this group and hear your thoughts.

In how far could the engagement of (selected) members in this venture help shape our identity?
In how far would potential participation of members in prep and as participants re-activate dormant members?
How could we foster transparency across our work and projects as we help curate the participant list?
What else?

They plan to run a DesignShop for about 100 people from all walks of life and practice on April 12-18, 2019 in Turin, Italy.

We would love to hear your thoughts!! Please engage.
Best, Svenja


Svenja Rüger Fri 7 Dec 2018 4:22PM

Dear friends,
in light of my message above, here is an additional piece of information.
If you are interested to contribute but can´t offer any time, you could support the initiative with a small financial contribution.
Here is a link to Patreon for more info. The site will be officially launched in the coming days.
We will also reach out with a call time to discuss with those of you who are interested.
Svenja, Tanja, Betty


gail taylor Fri 7 Dec 2018 6:43PM

Hi everyone! I have finally found my way into Loomio. Please take some time to review our new/refreshed website at tomorrowmakers.org. We are making tremendous progress and I see thinkers, designers, artists like this group have significant things to contribute.


gail taylor Sat 8 Dec 2018 6:37PM

Several people have given us feedback that is useful. One is that finding the contributors/patreon site is extremely demanding. We are going to make this much more apparent​ over the next day or two. In the meantime go to http;//www.tomorrowmakers.org/funders scroll down a half page and you will find Patreon. Click on it to open.


Anthony Cabraal Thu 13 Dec 2018 12:49AM

@svenjaruger a friend and fellow game.designer from Enspiral is keen to learn more about this. Where is the best place to connect him? He has a game project also all about human connection that is live at jojojo.cards and is keen to contribute / explode with yall


gail taylor Thu 13 Dec 2018 2:28AM

Hi Ants and Svenja.Ants,have your friend send me an email and I will talk with him and introduce him to Elisabet and Michael. Send him to tomorrowmakers.org ( http://tomorrowmakers.org ).

[email protected]

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