How can The Value Web be involved?

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Dear friends,

this is a message to get your thoughts and inspiration, and to invite you to contribute to the following discussion.

Tanja and me are in touch with Gail for quite a while, and run more or less regular conversations with her. Over the summer, she shared with us that she and two dear colleagues (Elisabet Sahtouris, Michael Haupt) have been selected as finalists for the evolutionary future challenge. (https://www.evoleadinstitute.com/evochallenge)

They intent to redesign the entire social reality that led to the need for the UNs 17 SDGs, as they argue that the planetary crises we face are a result of our culture. All crises are being addressed by a huge and growing movement of social and ecological activists.

In order to reshape our culture, their proposal focuses on developing a planetary-scale game inspired by Buckminster Fuller’s World Game. The game is the tool by which we socially engineer a new culture, based on the principles of Nature.

Here are more details about their submission:

They will present in front of a jury on Oct 18th and will then know if they are selected as one of the winners.

Gail has suggested that The Value Web could be involved. We would love your input as to what that could look like, and have scheduled a conversation with Gail, Elisabet and Michael for Oct 17th at 18:00 CET to which you are all invited.

Please share your thoughts here on Loomio, and join the conversation.

With love & gratitude,
Svenja & Tanja


Svenja Rüger Thu 13 Dec 2018 1:34PM

This is great, thank you dear Ants. From Gail´s email I assume the next steps are clear.


Anthony Cabraal Thu 13 Dec 2018 8:40PM

Will do! Thank you :)


Svenja Rüger Thu 13 Dec 2018 1:49PM

All, we had a great conversation yesterday (Dec 12) with @aaron33 @tanjakerlo, Guillaume, and Sunil.

Guiz pointed us to an interesting approach called "Dragon Dreaming" from John Croft. In this video he speaks a lot about creating win-win-win games. His general ideas are super spot on to the tomorrow makers game, and I believe what he is referring to is not necessarily a game but a methodology. More can be found here http://www.dragondreaming.org/dragondreaming/the-philosophy/

I particularly like his connection to Joana Macy who shows up in many of the networks that I am connected with.

Here is also the recording of our call. Thank you all for joining the conversation. More to come soon.