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Proposed initial meet-up

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There's a proposed initial meet-up on March 5th, 6pm at The Outhouse (12A Broughton St Ln), Edinburgh.

We've a table booked downstairs.

Suggestions and topics for discussion can be added to this thread.


Nick S Tue 27 Feb 2018 3:38PM

@roryg - I asked for some advice here on the main Commons Transition group, and got some suggestions.


Penny Travlou Tue 27 Feb 2018 4:19PM

Dear Nick, I am definitely keen on contributing to this meet-up. I am based in Edinburgh and work at Edinburgh Uni. I've been part of P2P Foundation (and a team member of the Research Group) for few years now. I am afraid though that due to the current university lecturers' strike, things are a bit fuzzy next week. So I am not sure whether I can attend the meet-up on 5th March. I am certainly available after 18th March (unless the strike ends earlier).


Nick S Tue 27 Feb 2018 8:56PM

Hello! Glad we've found you. If not this time, there'll be more opportunities. Good luck with the dispute, my partner is also striking. She hopes the university will negotiate and it'll be called off.


Simon Grant Fri 2 Mar 2018 10:36AM

Hi everyone, I hope I can join here as a honorary not-quite-Scotland (Lancaster) member keen to attend meetings where possible, though I don't think I'll be able to make any evening ones. If you come across anyone else in the north of England, maybe we could do a parallel one here, in which case I'd like to be listening in on what works for you.


Nick S Fri 2 Mar 2018 11:07AM

Of course! Lancaster is a mere 150 minute journey on the Trans-Pennine Express!

Actually, I don't know of any other P2PF/CT groups in the UK, full stop. If there are any, I would guess they're in Totnes, Bristol or Brighton. It would be good to find out.

Although, as you may have noticed on the Commons Transition group, @liammurphy is trying to start something related in Norwich.


Nick S Fri 2 Mar 2018 11:16PM

Just to note, we've a table booked downstairs at the Outhouse. I'm not expecting loads of people... but that's ok for a first meeting.


Gordon Martin Sat 3 Mar 2018 1:23AM

Oh, I didn't realise you had a date organised for this @wulee . I'm afraid I'm in Mexico until the 9th of March (fortuitously avoiding the Beast From the East).

Hope it goes well, and I'll see you at the next one =]


Liam Murphy Mon 5 Mar 2018 10:47AM

Thanks for the mention Nick - it strikes me that we could all have a think about the ‘UK Wide’ p2p question as I’m not aware of anything either.. UK Commons Convention?! Norfolk 1st Meetup is March 23rd.. a small affair but with ‘anchor orgs’ and potential partners engaged... All welcome.


Liam Murphy Tue 6 Mar 2018 7:02PM

And a quick PS: having read (and agreed with) this: https://p2pfoundation.net/infrastructure/p2pf-international-social-charter - and done a search for UK initiatives - The question of how we would know what groups do or don't exist in the UK, Scotland etc is still a question!! (opencollective.com looks a good way of collaborating BTW..) How'd it go?...


Nick S Tue 6 Mar 2018 9:29PM

The question "Where do p2p groups exist?" seems like something the P2PF wiki would be well suited to answer. I've never edited it so far, however I expect it ought to be straightforward. Perhaps we could ask on the Commons Transition Loomio group where to start one, or if one exists already.

Our event was fine, if low key. Four people came (@roryg, @elspeth7, myself and one other). The venue was a little noisy but suitably empty (it was a Monday). We discussed what the P2P Foundation / Commons Transition is, explaining for those not familiar, and enjoyed doing so. It is a little hard to explain, even though it overlaps a lot with related groups and ideas like Transition Towns, Jeremy Rifkin's "Third Industrial Revolution" and parts of Paul Mason's "Postcapitalism". I think we'll need to work on that if we're going to reach people who don't already get it.

Speaking for myself, after discussing it I think I was able to articulate something I'd not been able to before, that I feel P2PF's appeal, for me, is the hope it can help to design social infrastructures which are resilient and not inherently closed or exploitative, in order to mitigate certain infrastructural crises I anticipate creating massive discord later this century (to understate it somewhat). That might be a good way to explain why it is important, which leads naturally to explaining how the commons/peers fit in.

I'd be interested to hear the others' comments.

We'd like to gather more people, and formulate some sort of mission statement. There is a plan to meet up again before @elspeth7 departs Edinburgh in April so the suggested date is Monday 26th March. However, obviously we'd like to find a date which works for those who wanted to come but couldn't - so there'll be another thread about that shortly.

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