Tue 19 Dec 2017 5:01PM

Will cryptocurrencies disrupt real estate commissions?

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Can smart contracts and P2P transactions reconfigure the real estate ecosystem "to attack the cost structure of home sales by involving all the main parties– reps, sellers, and buyers?"

Deedcoin's bold prediction for 2018: "Partnerships we have made and feedback ... [confident] that people will be using Deedcoin agents nationally by this time next year.”

A moonshot?


Maybe for cryptocurrencies but other innovators are also trying to disrupt commissions. Will 2018 be the tipping point as Stefan Swanepoel's Real Estate Trends predicts?


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See post to Inman Coast to Coast, a closed Facebook group with 13,000 leading real estate agents, primarily in the US.


Corey Scholtka Thu 15 Mar 2018 10:34PM

Look to the Blockchain to change the Title Insurance Business first & foremost before changing the commission structure of Realtors. "DeedCoin" is not a necessary Token to Launch a new business model... this is pure fundraising (hope the SEC has been in touch). I've been dabbling in Crypto and it seems 80-90% of the "projects" are conceptual and will likely be worthless in a few years, especially when the founders run off with the fiat currency form selling the fake money... BITCONNNEEEECCCTTTT!!!!! .These coins including Bitcoin are way too volatile to use as a consistent medium of exchange real property - at least for 99% of normal human society.


Corey Scholtka Thu 15 Mar 2018 10:38PM

I have recently signed up for CoinBase's new merchant service. BuyHomes.com LLC now accepts Bitcoin, BC Cash, ETH & Litecoin for my Flat Fee Listing program. I will also Offer my Buyer's Rebate recipients the option to take their incentive in the form of Crypto Currency at the closing. https://commerce.coinbase.com


Bill Wendel Tue 20 Mar 2018 2:48PM

Corey, thanks for commenting on this thread. Just learned about these videos from SXSW and invite feedback:



The second video made the front page of Austin newspaper: Must read headline (see image below):