Mon 22 Sep 2014 4:41PM

Feature Ideas

KR Kelsey Rosenthal Public Seen by 45

Hey Peeps,

Here are some of the tools that have been proposed. please feel free to add to the list or ask questions.

work survey
work calendar
work shift swap interface
budget tools (food, infrastructure, maintenance)
Announcements (ie, dryer's broken)
Social calendar
photo share
community repository
email list management? YES. REPLACE MCOMMUNITY PLZ.
room management
user contract history
archiving old history
officer Identification and contact options
meeting minute archive
survey tool (example color choices or meeting times)
semi anonymous voting system (as in we can get the votes and the people who participated but not those 2 matched up)
menu posting
demographic statistics?
House Meeting Display

higher level ideas:
multiple views for house (Escher), org(ICC Ann Arbor), and overall (NASCO), Uses could include announcements (drier's broken vs NASCO annual meeting) and administration (work schedule vs house to house comparisons).

officer/admin view vs member view: for example only the work manager needs to create the work schedule but everyone in the house should be able to look at it.


Emily Burgess Mon 22 Sep 2014 11:28PM

For the email management, I think it would be cool if people could just submit a form saying their room and email etc. online so the email doesn't have to be forwarded all over the place and hopefully we can stop getting chain emails about it.


JK Thu 25 Sep 2014 9:17PM

In light of the ambition here, I think it definitely makes sense to get more people involved on a NASCO scale.


Jose Mendez Thu 25 Sep 2014 10:54PM

This all seems really great and ambitious but, for at least the people in the ann arbor team, I think we really need to meet everyone face to face. There's a large conversation about the day to day which we should have soon.


Kelsey Rosenthal Fri 26 Sep 2014 12:32PM

I hear why you are saying, I think in order to get NASCO involved we need to show up with the beginnings, something that looks pretty, ideally at the annual meeting conveniently held in Ann arbor. As to syncing for the AA team I was hoping that would be at the tech team meeting. For the BSC teams I'll be flying out mid October for a visit.


Jose Mendez Sun 28 Sep 2014 5:36AM

That sounds great. We should also see if we can get into contact with Shane, the current VP of Education. I know he's probably really busy, but when we last met he had a lot of good ideas about where the project should head.


Kelsey Rosenthal Mon 13 Oct 2014 4:18PM

From Jalissa @ BSC house council (house meeting presenter) - should have timer - timer needs to be able to add time, agenda - should be able to add to on spot, if possible should be able to show pictures/proposals/ect when needed.


Kelsey Rosenthal Sun 9 Nov 2014 7:46PM

So here are some of the things I've brought back from nasco. Event posting, incident report management, something to track decisions thought setting up hash tags or some other linking structure so that we can track the history and discussions of proposals , bylaws, standing rules... Live minutes, also workshift schedules need to have a lot more flexibility than previously thought.