Thu 15 Dec 2022 1:30PM

PPBE Online : Common Policy for All

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Pirates use Free Software anytime it's possible, but there is still some online service that we (could) use and they don't match that criteria. IE : Facebook, Twitter, Discord.

Also, as a matter of facts

  • Nobody may really forbid anyone to create anything online with the name "Pirate Party Belgium" in it

  • We love trying stuffs

  • There is different point of view regarding the tools that we may use or not regarding our core values

  • Not everyone has skills to setup a server

  • We can't let everyone having an access on PPBE infrastructure


Set some basic rules and good practice regarding any tool we may use, on any platform, free or not.

Here is a draft with the main point I see for now :

  • if there is a Open Source solution, use it every time it's possible

  • 3 admins rule anywhere if possible

  • official tools for discussions are Element and Loomio

  • official tools for content publication are PPBE Fediverse Accounts (Mastodon for now, Pixelfed and Peertube could be added later)

  • GAFAMX tools are secondary and should not be presented as the main ones. They may help the community members to find each others, but they should advocate our free service.

  • When possible, a bridge should exist between our Free and their GAFAMX tools (IE: Element <> Telegram)


  • help people getting aboard, even if they are not tech savvy enough and/or not totally aware of free alternatives

  • help ideas and project to get alive > it can always be pushed through Free software later

  • help people to get involved with free alternatives instead of forcing them

  • build a moderation policy respected and wanted on every platform we use


Service already in use

See https://wiki.pirateparty.be/ITNow & https://wiki.pirateparty.be/ITSquad/Pirates_Selection & https://wiki.pirateparty.be/ITSquad

  • Wordpress (free software, self-hosted)

  • Mastodon (free software, self-hosted)

  • Mumble (free software, self-hosted)

  • Jirafeau (free software, self-hosted) 

  • Mediawiki (free software, self-hosted) 

  • Etherpad (free software, self-hosted)

  • Yunohost (free software, self-hosted)

  • OpenSondage (free software, self-hosted)

  • Loomio (free software)

  • Element (free software)

  • Jitsi (free software)

  • Telegram

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • (Discord?)

  • (Reddit?)

  • (Infomaniak?)


Add a list of every URL we have on thoses services


Add a list of every Admin/Moderators on those service


Pascal Dk Thu 15 Dec 2022 2:11PM

I guess we could also add some naming rules for domain, profile, username, etc... This could help develop/reinforce our online identity as a community.

Probably not the most important matter thou...

(I'm only talking about PPBE accounts, not people/members accounts)


Pascal Dk Sun 18 Dec 2022 5:22PM

To define : what about the admin/moderators access ?


Pascal Dk Sun 18 Dec 2022 5:24PM

To define : what about kick/ban rules

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