Sean Wed 13 Sep 2017 3:16AM

Hi folks - We need to meet soon to discuss a few topics.

In the interest of time, it might be best to just plan for most of the food, drink and basic materials to be a copy of last year. Any thoughts on that?

The larger discussion will need to be around owner engagement, including things that worked last year & should be repeated, as well as our plan for an engagement activity this year. We had discussed presenting the full ownership with a way to help direct our updated ends statement.

I'll set up a time poll to see when folks can get together to discuss this. If possible, I'd like to meet before our board meeting so we can be sure to engage the full board in a focused way around a couple ideas, rather than using the board meeting for brainstorming.


Poll Created Wed 13 Sep 2017 5:35AM

Annual meeting planning meeting Closed Sat 16 Sep 2017 11:08PM

If none of these times before our next board meeting work, we'll check in at the meeting, then schedule a planning session to happen shortly thereafter.


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Ally Young Wed 13 Sep 2017 11:49PM

Don't think food & drink should be a repeat from last year-- we've got a deli to cater it! Staff should manage event planning & promo, board should organize activities/agenda. +1 to focusing on Ends policy revision.


Sharon Mon 18 Sep 2017 1:45PM

Are we meeting at the store tonight for the annual meeting planning meeting?


Ally Young Thu 12 Oct 2017 1:52AM

Gonna go ahead and share the draft agenda we've got in the board mtg packet. Needs lots more discussion!


Ally Young Thu 12 Oct 2017 2:12AM

(Just added lots of stuff that we might end up cutting-- but biggest area of uncertainty is how owner dialogue/ participation will take shape.)