Wed 19 Dec 2018 1:52AM

Offering Paul Pounendis a position on the board.

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David, Lucas and Adam have all now met Paul in either face to face discussions or video calls. He is a very self motivated young man that has started a blockchain organisation in Adelaide along with various events, meetups and high level discussions with state governments. I personally think he would be a great asset to BA. He's effectiveness to date, his motivation and his passion all indicate he would be a great advocate for BA.
I think I speak for David and Lucas, when I recommend that the board should agree with this nomination and vote 'yes' for Paul to join.


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Offering Paul Pounendis a position on the board. Closed Sat 22 Dec 2018 1:02AM

by Adam Mon 24 Dec 2018 2:23AM

A vote of three for this proposal is enough to constitute a quorum and thus pass this resolution. I'll email Paul and let him know the good news.

As discussed in the thread, this vote is to offer Paul a position on the board of BA.


Results Option % of points Voters
Agree - Lets get him on board. 75.0% 3 A KC AS
Abstain from voting. 25.0% 1 MM
Disagree 0.0% 0  
Undecided 0% 4 LC C S S

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Martin McGinty Wed 19 Dec 2018 4:05AM

Abstain from voting.

Sorry i missed the meeting guys. Im sure Paul is great!


s2mdigital Wed 9 Jan 2019 12:12PM

Sorry, a natural yes from me due to my intro, excuse me for missing call. Pumped about next week, hope to meet all there.