Tue 19 Mar 2019 10:23AM

forked thread... about blockchain stuff

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Bob Haugen Sun 17 Mar 2019 1:31PM

@tiberiusbrastavice could answer better than me, but he might also be busier right now, so I'll try.

What do you mean by OVN? Open Value Network is a form of organization pioneered by Sensorica (which is why I pinged Tibi, he is writing a new overview). An OVN could be implemented a lot of ways. A blockchain might be one way, but not the only way.

You might also be venturing into the territory of https://www.w3.org/TR/verifiable-claims-data-model/

How do you want to certify voluntary contributions? Is it enough that somebody claims to have a made a contribution? Must the contribution be made in some verifiable form, like a financial contribution would be made in some form of money, or a code contribution in code? Does somebody else need to validate the contribution?

So for me to comment usefully, I would need to know more details about what you want to accomplish. And probly an example or two.


Vincenzo Giorgino Fri 15 Mar 2019 11:09AM

Hi all.
I have a question. I am involved in a project of co-management of public buildings and i am developing a set of indicators to measure its sustainability. Basically i rely on the concepts of social and economic suffering. This is just to give you a general framework intented as an extention of QoL indicators. My current question relates to the problem of digitally certifying voluntary contributions in a blockchain-based model. Is OVN useful for this? We must struggle with the legal protections of dependent and independent labour, good things for the pre
DLTs era but connected to a mindset that makes difficult to recognize friendly given help or informal collaboration etc...
Thank you.


Vincenzo Giorgino Mon 18 Mar 2019 11:55AM

Hi Bob,

thank you. The basic idea is to recognize to volunteers a token that they can spend in the network, built on a consortium blockchain (for simplicity, one token = one euro, but without the possibility of conversion: tokens can circulate in the commercial arena as discount vouchers) at municipal level.
The problem is to define and recognize an activity for the community that must not considered as a job - based on a dependent or independent labour. Ulrick Beck called it in 1999 "civil labour", a free contribution with a recognition of some kind. Certifications could be issued by the same association in which the activity is offered. But i see a lot or problems that I do not know how a a blockchain can solve. How can you limit "inflation" here? Such as fake hours added to the ledger with an agreement between two persons or an association and its volunteers and beneficiaries?
In my view, we should intend voluntary work as a gift or a reciprocity exchange like what happens between friends, but at a larger scale, with strangers.
Moreover, fiat money cannot be considered here, as it automatically attaches the label of dependent/independent labour to anything done by human energy with all the regulations implied by both. My aim is not to avoid the social rights conquered by the working class but to develop a model in which human labour does not exist anymore for the advent of automation etc..
A second question is about the difference between blockchains such as Ethereum-based ones and the Holochain. The latter is based on a credit commons system. It is great for many aims but, in my ignorance, I doubt about its flexibility in terms of long term collective goals in which accumulation of wealth is needed to realize a big project in the interest of a city or of a region. For example, with the blockchain you can launch an ICO, with the intent of crowdfunding a big project.


Tiberius Brastaviceanu Mon 18 Mar 2019 7:15PM

Hi, I invite you to join our efforts to review the OVN model with us, an activity that will intensify soon. Your questions find resonance in what we do, and you'll be able to formulate answers from real cases, from Sensorica's experience for example.


Vincenzo Giorgino Wed 20 Mar 2019 11:53AM

HI! Happy to join your group. I will add some relevant details at sociological and experiential levels to clarify the perspective I am following.


Lori Farley Mon 25 Mar 2019 5:39PM

I am new, so I am not entirely sure I am posting in the right place, but you may find this article interesting or helpful


Josh Fairhead Fri 29 Mar 2019 7:44PM

Nice, thats my college Jeff from Giveth.io - thanks for sharing :)


Jeff Emmett Sun 7 Apr 2019 7:25AM

Thanks for the post Lori - work is proceeding on the ideas discussed in the article above as a collaboration between Giveth.io, Block.Science, and a large community of Token Engineering experts. The project is called the Commons Stack, and there will be lots more info about it coming soon!

P.S. Hi Josh ;)