Tue 3 Feb 2015 10:01PM

Public Metamaps Chat Room(s)

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This discussion will hopefully resolve the question of whether we should have a Public Metamaps Chat Room(s), and then if necessary, how to implement this idea.


Devin H Tue 3 Feb 2015 10:12PM

Should we think about having a public metamaps chatroom on the site? It would require opening access to uninvited people though.

(This is just brainstorming)


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by Robert Best Wed 26 Apr 2017 8:09AM

So it seems many agree that creating a public Metamaps chat room has potential and will be worthwhile to implement in some form... The next stage of this decision process will be to go over implementation options and figure out how we want to do this.

What I am proposing, before worrying about how to make it happen, is that we should create a public Metamaps chat room.

Initially it would consist of one global chat room that is not topic-specific (besides the fact that it is a Metamaps chat room, whatever that implies). Maybe we create other public rooms later on that are topic-specific.. But I'll leave that for later.

I personally am FOR this idea, so I will state my case for it here, but please use this discussion/proposal to weigh all the pros and cons.

For me, the biggest pro is community building and a means for sustained day-to-day engagement with our community. Even if we had map-specific chat fully implemented today, I would still want this public chat room to happen because it gives us a lens on our entire community (in theory), a metric to measure how our community grows....

It also allows for holopticism, meaning that everyone can see everyone else.

This decision may increase daily levels of community engagement, which will take some added effort... But this is an amazing "problem" to have... Also, because everyone is around... Simple questions can be answered by anyone (peer-learning happens)

Another fruitful thing I would hope to happen is that, while hanging out within the context of metamaps... Someone might propose a mapping excursion, or game, to the others in the room... and then off they go metamapping!

I think I have given a general sense of why I think this is a good idea.



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Raymon Johnstone
Wed 4 Feb 2015 1:55AM

I agree that having a nexus point for all public general interaction is an excellent idea, this is after all the very reason that I have a facebook page for my book despite my book being available on numerous platforms.


Benjamin Brownell
Wed 4 Feb 2015 5:03PM

I'm going to put my initial reaction down as negative / skeptical until I understand the question and intention better. Taking a literal interpretation of the proposal statement, my answer is "no" there's no "should" that we set this (what?) up.


Devin H
Thu 5 Feb 2015 12:57AM

This is a cool idea. I hope someone pursues it.


Robert Best
Thu 5 Feb 2015 12:18PM

I made this proposal because I think we should create a public MM chat room. My reasons are shared throughout the discussion.


Connor Turland
Fri 6 Feb 2015 11:17PM

I like the idea that people, like Jacki Saorsail for instance, who are just really into metamaps could just enter into a living room with us, and other people interested in mapping.


Benjamin Brownell
Fri 6 Feb 2015 11:38PM

Going to switch my stance to 'abstain' here for now, to make way for continued development of the idea as something that could benefit our community. I do have some reservations about the idea in the way that I have been able to understand it so far.


Robert Best Tue 3 Feb 2015 10:17PM

Please keep the brainstorming going! However I just created a specific proposal... which first asks "should we do it?" before figuring out "How to do it?"


Robert Best Tue 3 Feb 2015 10:37PM

One emerging concern is, because we are working on a chat feature inside of Metamaps itself... Does that nullify this whole proposal/discussion???

Here are some thoughts:
-Are we also creating a metamaps-wide chat room that everyone who's logged in is a part of (if they wish)? Because, as stated in the proposal, I still see value in a global non-map/topic-specific chat room.... So if we are simultaneously building/designing this... then that is great!

-Also, until a chat feature is fully rolled out... I would still like to implement something for the near-term using our existing options... Then once our own solution is available, then there would be a migration.

-My other concern with chat on the metamaps platform... is that it will require everyone to set up a metamaps account... Which is great of course! But I would like this "public chat room" i am describing to be as open as open can be, and interface even with the people who haven't even fully decided they want a metamaps account yet.... So, thinking ahead, whatever we might implement would hopefully allow anyone to join the chat, using whatever log-in option they like (FB, G+, Twitter, Github, Persona (i.e. Just an email))

-I know the next thought is Oh dear! Spam! Well, maybe a bit... but nothing a boot/ban wont fix... and then maybe this necessitates a not-so-public second room down the road, that has a changeable invite code (should it get compromised) for all those that seem to be able to behave :P

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