Editorial standards

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We've been criticized again a bit for sharing a news item that was kind of misleading (see https://www.facebook.com/ppinternational/posts/1149379425088450 )

I would like to see some editorial standards apart from "do it as good as you can". If would opt at least for some small checklist.

We've probably had some discussion like this before, but I can't recall the details


Gregory Engels Tue 28 Jul 2015 10:15PM

this are the guidlines we had agreed upon somewhat more then a year ago:
The PPI operates social profiles on all kind of social networks. The interaction is complex and it need agreed guidelines to operate a presence on every of them. It is also desireable, that a team of volunteers are operating the different channels, and that the volume of it becomes that much that we ask people to concentrate on a channel that fits their interest and competences most.


  1. Try to always sign your post by "/x" (x is the placeholder for your abriviation). The "about us" tab should state who is using what sign.

  2. Reply to every comment and pm (as long as it makes sense). Try to avoid public comment-chats that are getting back and forth - If argument is needed, try to move the conversation to pm.

  3. Post relevant material (no lolcatz, exept if it is related to pirate topics)

  4. Post often. Try to post at least once a day, but more often is ok.

  5. Retweets/reposts/shares from PPI members and other NGOs are good, if it fits. Try not to repost any posts from other political parties (like the greens, lefts, etc...), as this could upset some PPI members.

  6. Join the PPI Social Team Mailing list http://lists.pp-international.net/admin/ppi.socialteam. If you have something that need to be announced on other channels write it to the list if you are not managing that channel.

Specific per media guidelines:



Pat Mächler Thu 30 Jul 2015 7:17PM

Thank you.
I think I have been rather unaware of this.

I’ll try to remember them ;-)

But then these do not say anything about source/backcheck standards. I guess this was intended?