Thu 2 Nov 2017 9:06AM

Where to from here? Vetting

S Soenke Public Seen by 365

Who can become a member? Are we going to reserve the right to refuse people? And on what grounds? Time Bank Lyttelton is asking applicants for two caracter referees. The Coordinator then makes contact via email and arranges for a phone call.
Other time banks, especially in the US, do police checks. Others welcome everybody. What do you think?


Richard Hsieh Thu 2 Nov 2017 9:55AM

I am inclined to welcome everyone, however, if there is a simple review system like most of the online trading site where either buyer(time requester) and seller (time provider) can place review to each other after an activity, then it would provide us some ideas of an individual member before we decide if we would like to have anything to do with him/her.


Sönke Tue 7 Nov 2017 2:16AM

I don't believe that the software can do that. This is a tricky topic (not the software), because it is a question of trust. In our daily lives we are bombarded with the message, that you can't trust anybody and nobody trusts you. Building sustainable communities is essentially the work of building trust. Mistrust is a fear based response and fear is a very real real experience, no matter what it is based on. I think that some attempt of getting to know new members in a formal way will hold the space open for the promotion of trust in our new organization.
There are many examples of "best ways of how to set up a time bank" and the recommendation to "get trading" comes up often. Why that is recommended so often might be, because people find that time banking is easy and fun and useful and it involves some kind of paradigm shift and maybe the bad-assed people of this world are just not attracted to that kind of thing?
Maybe we can follow Lyttelton's path and nominate 2 referees, contact them by email and then have one of the coordinators have a chat with them. The emails can be automatically created by the system and we could create a protocoll for the interviews with the referees.