Wed 24 Apr 2013 1:48PM


AJ Amanda Johnson Public Seen by 10

I saw a concerning trend in one of the other discussions. I do not want this group to be another form of USPP and the PNC. I am fine if people want to take the ideas from here to influence their participation in the PNC.

Just for those who do not know. The pirate underground was originally created with these ideas:

In order to determine the extent to which the PNC is truly the legitimate governing body of the US Pirate Party, and to gain a free hand in pioneering new collaboration methods, we should form a "Pirate Insurrection" which is a (completely unauthorized) body having individual rather than state members, and that runs itself entirely using asynchronous meetings. Individual participants can use synchronous meetings as they see fit, but we should never exclude or discriminate against those who:
1. are not part of a state party,
2. do not participate in a synchronous manner, or
3. do not wish to identify themselves to everyone, as long as their identity has been verified by an officer of the Insurrection.

From that original intent the new conception was a think group.

So what I am proposing now is that we do not limit this group at all by the PNC. If we discuss how we will present proposals to other groups we will be group neutral. We can approve of the greens, or the tea party, or aliens if we have enough support.

This is not the USPP. This is not the PNC. This is not a political party. The only reason we are here is to think, collaborate, and use our ideas to do whatever we want independent of another organization.


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Declare independence and keep it in mind for all of our discussions Closed Sun 28 Apr 2013 12:12AM

This is just a vote on the argument I outlined in the discussion description with the added caveat that once we agree to this purpose we follow it in our discussions. So instead of 'recommendations to the pnc-threshold' the title is 'official recommendations- threshold' or something similar.


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Wed 24 Apr 2013 6:42PM

Its already stated in the description.. so why not?


Alex M (Coyo)
Thu 25 Apr 2013 6:31PM

I thought that was already understood?

I mean, we are not the PNC or USPP, we're first and foremost a think-tank and check and balance against the PNC.


Benjamin Lyon
Fri 26 Apr 2013 2:06AM

I agree. We are the unofficial pirate think tank. I kind of like that for a title if we didn't already have one.


Amanda Johnson
Fri 26 Apr 2013 3:05PM

I'm just paranoid and want to be very careful about this group not be swallowed by the PNC.


Alex M (Coyo) Thu 25 Apr 2013 6:33PM

Is it just me, or are we trending toward a party bicameralism? It seems we are moving toward having state representatives form the upper chamber and individuals directly forming the lower chamber.


Amanda Johnson Fri 26 Apr 2013 3:07PM

Alex M: I want it to move that way. I am known for having a lot of issues with the way the USPP is run right now. I couldn't reform or change it to be more 'fair' so now i've decided to just head to an independent entity.