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Loomio is an online tool which allows people to participate in a real-time discussions and prioritise together.

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Canterbury Development Corporation (CDC) are using a Loomio to bring together local, national and international perspectives. Using an online forum removes the barriers of location, time-zones and conflicted diaries.

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Rob Lawrence Thu 16 Apr 2015 4:01AM

Collaboration is a key element for start-ups. Linking business with a good solid network is the real buzz of assisting the region to grow.

"Do or Do Not ....there is not try" Yoda


Piet Beukman Fri 17 Apr 2015 3:47AM

Having a valid market and something they want is also a key (the key?) element. Just being a bit pedantic :-)

The region will grow if the region produces stuff we can sell.


Anna Elphick (CDC Strategist) Fri 17 Apr 2015 4:01AM

Its great to see the conversation starting!

However, we are putting the strategy discussion threads onto the forum on Monday morning and it would be great to continue to conversation there. I will make sure any conversation over the weekend is transferred into the strategy discussion threads.


Marja Blom Wed 22 Apr 2015 11:50PM

Hi Anna Is it possible to start a new thread. I would like to see a bridge between charity and the private sector.
or is this outside the scoop of these discussions


Anna Elphick (CDC Strategist) Thu 23 Apr 2015 12:16AM

Hi Marja. We are keen to let the discussions mature a bit before we add new discussion threads. If you would like to get this discussion started, maybe post something in one of the existing threads (attractive location?) and tag in some people who you would like to get involved. To tag just type "@" and first letter of their name and you will get a list to choose from.


Larry Cliffrod Podmore Fri 1 May 2015 1:13AM

While networks and networking is good it is not an end to itself,
Key international examples of innovation in Countries, States and City States are often backed by Sovereign Wealth funds that proactively invest for the long term strategic benefit of their region.
Canterbury needs an investment fund that is strategically focussed and is well resourced with different measures than just pure wealth creation. The above comment by Marja is correct . In some areas philanthropic venturing is a powerful regional economic development driver.