LWC Donations/Letter to Members Explaining The Necessity

EB Erik Boyd Public Seen by 133

Hey folks, I want to first apologize for my recent silence. I have had a lot going on in my life and, long story short, I'm no longer at the gym that I owned and am training elsewhere.

With all the life changes, I haven't been on, and I've noticed there's been complete silence for a while. I know all of us are ambitious and want to get great things done with this LWC board, so I wanted to take some time finally to get a discussion going on this topic.

We had discussed setting up a donation system for the LWC to help with a number of things, but particularly to try to help our top athletes cover their expenses at international competitions. This, of course, shouldn't be the only use for moneys coming in, so I figured we could discuss the following here:

-What sorts of things would such a donation fund?
-How much can we realistically raise/should we aim to raise?
-How would we go about it?
-What other implications would this decision have?
-How should we go about discussing this with the membership of the LWC?


Erik Boyd Wed 3 Apr 2019 6:28PM

I am of the understanding the best way to go about this would be to set it all up through Webpoint, which would require setting up all future competitions through Webpoint as well. This would be hard news for some LWC coaches, and so we really need to have this well thought out if we go that route, with a very solid explanation to give. As such, I also feel it would require us send a letter to the whole LWC with that explanation, and maybe even call a vote from the broader membership to ratify/legitimate that decision. As for the rest of this discussion, I don't have much to add as of yet. @chrisamenta, this idea came primarily in discussions between us and @benjamintimm early on in this process. Might you guys want to add anything here?


Christopher Francisco Mon 8 Apr 2019 6:25PM

Hello everyone.... It's competition season and I know many of us are running around like crazy, but Erik brought up a topic that was asked of me privately from an athlete that competed in the Las Vegas International Open. I know we have to vote on this and prepare for how and justified qualifications, but the athlete was asking for stipend opportunities. I told him that I would bring this up to the board and we would need to discuss this further before making any decisions. Round table discussion on this soon? We do have great representation in the Southern Pacific looking to meet the requirements of the Selection system stated by USAW.