Tue 29 Aug 2017 6:31PM

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What’s your role or approach to participation in this group? What should people know about you to understand where you’re coming from?


Sreeharsha Tue 29 Aug 2017 6:50PM

Hello Wonderful People,
This is harsha here. Still Evolving & Questioning, but also at the same time Lazying & Observing. In majority Confused, but also wakes up Fresh every morning.
Currently work at the intersection of Agriculture, Ecology, Communities & Rights.
*Why I am here with this group ? *
I feel somehow stuck with in myself, w.r.t learning and also expressing and doing things, hence seeking this space to find answers, and also want to be part of a group/community who is trying to think without blinders & collectively evolve.


Tarun Ayitham Wed 30 Aug 2017 2:36AM

Hi, this is Tarun from sciensation.tv- we are into research based learning at school level. We help students in seeing deeper insights of textbook contents through our research in Philosophy of Science/Mathematics/Language. Our monthly competitions help students in developing interdisciplinary perspectives.
We talk about experiential learning, practicals, hands on and so on, but then we miss out on the fact that the "real thing" is in your head- let it be Hans Zimmer's "Pirates of the Carribean" tune, a Feynman diagram or a Steve Jobs product design. We have wishful thinking that our education may somehow empower a student to come up with these great thoughts, but then there seems to be an organized way of getting there and that is what Sciensation is all about.

We have had 7th graders taking on MBA grads in a Socratic Dialogue on "Eric Ries Lean Startup" methodology and we have had a 5th grader discussing Michael Porter's national competitive advantage theory. We are now into IITJEE/SAT testprep through research based learning aswell- breaking the stereotypes in education. Do visit www.sciensation.tv sometime

Happy to connect with educators and education enthusiasts!


Shyama Thu 31 Aug 2017 8:41AM

Hello this is Shyama! Joining the conversation, still learning to navigate this new tool for conversation


Shakuntala Wed 6 Sep 2017 11:09PM

Hello to everyone! Shakuntala here. Among all other relationships, being a Mother and a Daughter seem to be the most important ones in this period. I am here to listen, learn and share experiences, journeys and more