What about Local Government?

CF Cam Findlay Public Seen by 20

There was some interest at the teleconference last week (15 Sept) as to how an Open Data Charter (ODC) based ecosystem for open data in New Zealand might apply to Local Government (LG)? I note some of you that have joined the Loomio group are also from the LG space which is great to see :smiley:

This thread is a space for discussing Local Government considerations and impacts should their be a new approach to Open Data in New Zealand based on the ODC. If you've looked over the principles in the ODC they are design so that they can apply to any sector at any level (they can even be adopted by private companies, a conversation for another time).

If you're in LG, let us know you're thoughts and concerns around what is being proposed and how you see this applying to LG.

If you are in Wellington or Auckland you may also want to attend one of the in-person workshops on the 21st or 22nd of Sept


aimee whitcroft Thu 29 Sep 2016 11:30PM

Heya! Has there been any more discussion about this topic since the teleconference/in-person workshops? It's an area of key interest for me.

Certainly, I see no reason why the ODC principles couldn't apply to the LG open data space. Indeed, I think they might serve as a useful lever to get more Councils talking about how (and where!) to start opening their data, and a lynchpin for activities which, hopefully, might become more coordinated over time.

I'm also happy to take up this sort of convo with various local gov bodies around NZ that I'm working/talking with :)