Fri 19 Apr 2013 4:36AM

4/19/13 Meeting: Group Composition, By-Laws, & Functioning Plan

M MadQueen Public Seen by 5

We had a very rudimentary initial function meeting tonight, in it we discussed the basic needs for network composition, bylaws and functioning plan.
We discussed the need for transparency and individual rights over network aims, projects and goals.

Next Step Decided Upon: Compile all documents already created into a cohesive plan, present to group and dissect/ discuss from there.
A Folder has been made in Dropbox called "OFFICIAL SHIT" for this purpose.
Please note any ideas/ questions/ concerns/ disagreements here so we can use those in initial development.
Initial draft composition to be put together/ compiled and ready for presentation and discussion by Next bi-weekly async meeting on May 4th.

Meeting Log: http://paste.theinfinitynetwork.org/?5407dc646b3f7b56#8IfsW8BswNO7zBRcrKUKbDe54z+/8RMfiAgKzPk6vls=


MadQueen Fri 19 Apr 2013 5:09AM

I am going to go through the minutes and create proposals for all ideas proposed at meeting that were not the main focus of the meeting.
I feel that even if these ideas were no "on topic" they still deserve the same scope of consideration.
Hopefully as everyone gets the swing of this platform people will know to post their proposals here after initial discussion.


Jason Pilbin Mon 27 May 2013 7:24AM

Awesome we did something :D :D