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Sample Working Group Thread

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This thread provides a template to begin a working group with. It describes what Loomio is, how it is used as an online space for discussions, proposals and decisions, and where to go for more information.

Hello and welcome to our Working Group Space :)

This space has been created to house all material and conversations associated with the Sample Working Group. We're proposing to use Loomio for:

Asynchronous conversations
Given we're working in different places we can't always have synced face-to-face conversations. We'll use Loomio to keep conversations going and ensure everyone stays in the loop with latest developments!

Meeting planning
We can use the time poll tool to plan meeting times, use threads for agendas and notes, use proposals for group-based decision-making

Document Management
You'll find the latest versions of our key documentation in new threads in this team.

What else you'll find here:

Team member intros and bios It's good to introduce yourself as a new member of the group. We can add other activities we find helpful to this space in the future. Suggestions welcome! :)

Create a new thread for a new topic of conversation and use the tools in that thread to link proposals or checks or meeting invites to the thread. Try to keep comments in the conversation with the thread topic. It makes it easier for people to respond in the context of the thread you're using.

Turn off email notifications in your settings under "options" if you don't want to be notified when Loomio is updated (I leave email notifications on for my @mention in some groups that are extra important to me and that i'm not using every day)

Using @mention is to most useful way to ensure that someone has seen your post in a thread

Sometimes it's hard to remember which thread you've discussed particular details in. You can search for a topic by adding it to the "search" box in the top right corner and it pulls back all threads related to your topic

If you don't want to write a reply to a comment but want someone to know you've seen their response just hit "like"

Ask the sample group facilitator if you've any questions! :)

If you'd like to know much more check out loomio school and our loomio coop handbook


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