Sun 20 May 2018 6:20PM

New role: liaison with NVC Academy

BB Brent Barker Public Seen by 308

Elkie had originally envisioned posting things about the NVC-O through NVC Academy and now sees that it could be shared via the Pre VH, and she wants to contribute to the synergy between us and NVC Academy.

The request is to have someone from PreVH connect with NVC Academy about this. I imagine this would be to learn about what ideas had been shared in the past, what role the PreVH would have here, and potentially how to work together with them.

I could be this contact, but I'm already the connection between us and the ImpC, and I'm wary of risking a single point of failure in communications.

In the spirit of a sociocratic election [1], I first request nominations to fill this role. I'll give it 3 days (until 5/23 18:30 UTC) for nominations, then go on to ask for arguments for each candidate.

Also post if this seems like more structure than needed. I'm partly wanting to just try out this election process.

  1. http://www.sociocracy.info/about-sociocracy/the-sociocratic-election-process/

Elkie Sun 20 May 2018 7:45PM

I nominate bob as he already has a connection with mary and understands commercial viabilty and giftinh economies..and has an understanding i believe of both platforms xxelkie


Brent Barker Fri 25 May 2018 10:54PM

Have learned more about when elections are helpful, I've stopping thinking that this needs an election, and I'd like to stop the election process and just ask BobW if he has the bandwidth+energy for liaising between NVC Academy and PreVH Support Weave.

How about it @bobw ?


Julie Sat 26 May 2018 1:09AM

Elkie, I'm wanting clarity here ... is the idea to ask NVC Academy to host the audio and videos for us, and we'd just link to their site, with the idea that it would be good to have connection between us? And that NVC Academy would benefit (a) from the connection with us, in "community spirit", and (b) also get more traffic to their site?