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irreversiblechaos Fri 2 Sep 2022 11:01PM

I have been in several political parties and they all fail because in the end they have no core values.

They are based on some ideas and then the anti flouride people turn up and it's all over.

The rules below are a set of values not policies but the policies must reflect these values.

Also you must accept you will fail. This is the second mistake of little parties dreaming of winning. You will never be allowed to win but the idea of getting 5% and participating in some form of power leads to blandness and dilution of ideas and strength.

You are going to lose your job is to lose in a glorious fashion and change people's ideas.

With this your ideas must be radical and real. Steve keen and Michael Hudson propose debt jubilees. Biden gave out $10000 to some students why not $200000 or more to every New Zealander.

An economy is a manmade system it can be changed by man or woman. You will never get the power to implement your plans but you can push the people and implant these ideas in their heads and if the people want these then politicians with power will follow.

So fight to lose.

Victory would be a glorious defeat.

Five Rules for humanity

1 Everybody has a land and that is where their home is

2 Every child born is of equal value

3 No child can be born in debt.

4The only crime is theft.

5 We can only learn from the past not change it or recreate it


irreversiblechaos Sun 4 Sep 2022 10:24PM


Little parties are often a creation of the times. The Internet party is from one era but that time has passed. So what drove the passion then may have faded now. Fuck John key was a good policy it was in fact the Internet parties only real policy. These people have now gone.

Post covid combined with maximum propaganda and it seems the population has been subdued especially the young. The heavy focus on conspiracy seems to have stopped even the climate activists.

The political space is almost the american political space. BLM was the only major act and the roe/wade isue appeared both of which are really distant from us. These are American issues which shows how americanised our political culture is.

Every political party needs a focus and space so what space does the Internet party have?

My personal view is that time has moved and what was is no more. The IP is now a relic but that doesn't mean it is all over. I look at things with a bit of a shallow view. Parties are like companies or even religious groups.

Big ones have mass which can carry them through bad times the IP has no mass but the advantage of this is that changing course can be done near instantly to catch the zeitgeist.

I am the eternal optimist about changing the world but is there anyone left here or is the IP a dusty shop with fidget spinners in stock but nothing else?


irreversiblechaos Thu 29 Sep 2022 9:33AM

Anyway seems no one adds anything I will continue.

I was in Top and when that failed I sat down and thought that knowing what I knew at the time what was the most radical yet achievable list of things I could come up with to bribe the people and this was it.

Ideas for politics

The current economic model is reaching its limit and the host is dying so we need a reset.  As I posted there is no way in hell that this or any minority party would get near power let alone get into parliament but this provides opportunities to be a bit more wild with promises.

From my time in little parties like ACT, TOP, ALCP and the IP  (politically promiscuous could be a kind term) I learned a few things.  One, no more then three promises any more is confusing.  Keep the promise simple even if the background is complicated.  Two, don't seek the middle ground or compromise. Three, you can see the food but you will never eat.

So here are my three policies

1/ Give everyone ~ $200000 or as much as you want really but all individual debt must be paid any left after is free cash.

2/UBI everyone gets a weekly payment

3/No income tax or GST.

All these can be built around bitcoin and the block chain

These seem impossible but nothing is impossible in a system built by man or woman.

The details of how can be over the page if anyone wants to look but who really looks at the current system anyway.

If you want to debate this I'm open.

These fit within the 5 rules of humanity



Jo Booth Thu 29 Sep 2022 5:42PM

I like the idea of pitching big @irreversiblechaos - but as you say, the voter is a savvy thing these days - will they vote for promises they don鈥檛 think you鈥檒l be able to fulfil?

How would you fund the policies? There鈥檚 a significant tax revenue that you鈥檇 loose, is the funds to be created from a newly minted NZ coin?


irreversiblechaos Fri 30 Sep 2022 9:27AM

Remember two things.  One, no small party will ever get power unless they conform and two, money is made by humans and is infinite.

Also money is not wealth but is a means of transferring wealth from one place to another.

I will try to keep this short but its almost a history of the world sort of thing so there will be many bits left out.

Starting with the rules. Everyone is born equal and theft is the only crime, no child is born in debt, everybody has a land and that is where their home is and we can only learn from the past not change it or recreate it.

There are many ways to achieve the goal but one way could be to back the nzd by the people.  Put everyone on the block chain create an nzd currency linked by ratio to the people.

Then give everyone two accounts one account is accessible the other is not.

Take debt either total public debt or total public and private debt outside business. Divide that by the population and that amount is then deposited in the accessible account but all debt owed must be paid and only accessed if 23 years or older

The other account is equal amongst everyone.  In this account money is created by banks bidding or purchasing the amount they need for lending.  They will pay a fee for the money created and must repay this debt back with a fee (not interest). So when a bank creates money every person gets a cut.  This amount above the amount created goes to the other account. The reserve bank would just monitor or run this it would not decide on the price of the money that would be the markets function

Income taxes are theft from the labour of the people.  So the only taxes are land tax which is really a fee to occupy and resource taxes which are taxes to use.

With land tax there can be two types area and land value.  With a proper land tax the land price should be pushed towards zero.

Resource taxes, water, oil, coal, iron and resources used can be taxed this could be at source or at export.  Tax all exported goods at percent of value.

The governments job is health, welfare and education their job is not necessarily to provide this but to provide the means to the people to provide this so almost all these taxes could be distributed equally to allow people the power as individuals to make this choice.  This money can go in the accessible account and is from the land and resource taxes.

Money should be neutral but technology should be deflationary.

If you look at the current system it needs the constant creation of debt to supply the money to pay the compounding interest on the debt. With technology we should be experiencing a deflationary period which would put wealth into everyone's hands but the system needs debt to create money so this is the key reason land prices are rising it is this that causes the widening Inequality.

So the purpose of these money and tax changes is to drive land prices to zero.  The land value is in its utility and this will become the driver for land price.  The business built on the land will be what gives the land value.  To achieve this private debt must be eliminated to allow land prices to drop.

Politicians talk about reducing government but this just results in a financialized system of private government purely because of the cult of work (bullshit jobs).  If you give the power to the people to choose then most government ministries can be disbanded.  These ex workers will have zero or low debt and a UBI they can find a better purpose in life.

The money for the UBI can be a sum of all the taxes and bank fees or the ubi could just be the sum of the bank fees topped up by created money.

International trade requires the flow or exchange of money.  Currently to exchange money you either pay a tribute to the empire in the form of interest or you are in the club.  Any change such as this would eliminate both so either we would need an external currency that works in relation to the internal currency or any trade would have to be through the NZD.  To buy a new zealand good would require the buyer to have NZD to import would require a seller to want NZD.  This could be left to the market.

For 50 years we have been net buyers so the value of our dollar in relation to other countries should have dropped but it does not in part because we pay interest to maintain the dollars relative value.  If the reserve Bank did not set interest rates the value of the dollar would be relative to our trade.  To maintain the UBI  in a system where our exports are low NZDs would have to be created this would increase the ratio of NZD to people dropping the value.  This would create a natural limit on imports and internally created products.

This is a bit of a brain vomit with little structure but it is what it is.

Critics will find black hole sized holes but I think the current system of expanding debt with the only stabilisers being war, famines and death is not my idea of a good system.

In brief change from debt to 100% backed money system, change by destroying the price of land so it reflects it use value not financial value, eliminate jobs of no value and free the people by removing the debt that enslaves them, allow people to keep what they earn but pay for what they consume, let everyone start with equal value and build or destroy their value from there.

The problem is power.  Give the individual power to live their own life.

I don't know if it makes any sense I think it goes something like only mad men and fanatics are sure



irreversiblechaos Wed 5 Oct 2022 4:50AM

As an extra comment which will come back to bite me, I would not call voters savy. Most voters follow the herd or follow the leader that makes them feel better.